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Taiwan has enacted stricter laws to stem the Covid epidemic


Taiwan, which has become one of the world’s most popular Covid-19 hosts, has launched a two-week stint with more than 200 cases pending the first outbreak of the virus.

This came as a shock to the country with the lowest number of cases reported, with only 1,682 people and 12 people killed since the outbreak began. Zake well-kept of the virus has given its citizens permanent lives amid the spread of coronavirus elsewhere.

But Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, has been forced to urge citizens to stop being afraid to buy big items such as instant noodles and toilet paper over the ban. “There is no need to panic, make sure you are stable,” he said on Facebook as he reminded his citizens that the stall will continue to operate as normal.

This month’s outbreak was triggered by 206 new cases circulating in the area on Sunday, the Ministry of Health said, adding that 186 of them were the capital of Taipei and beyond.

On Saturday, when Taiwan filed 180 new cases, the government banned more than five home chats and more than 10 foreign meetings in Taipei and surrounding areas. Wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere, and all retail and restaurant stores that are open must register customer information.

Leisure and entertainment areas have been forced to close in the country under the auspices of the country, which is expected until May 28.

Officials also announced on Sunday that they would continue to test and that hospitals should stop all but provide urgent and important surgery until the risk of infection is gone.

Taiwan has already been praised for its success with coronavirus, recording 1,682 cases and 12 deaths. It reported 206 new cases that spread in your area on Sunday © Reuters

Strong action was taken in Taiwan to prevent local epidemics public confidence I am satisfied with Tsai’s supervisors and their medical team.

This has been shaken, largely due to the shortage of vaccines in Taiwan – a problem caused by health and vaccination warnings as long as there is no spread, and possibly a government crackdown on vaccines by Pfizer because critics from China.

Taiex’s heaviest plan in Taiwan fell 8.4% last week, suffering from it the worst fall of intraday since 1969 Wednesday as traders anticipated a slowdown in business to end the growing spread. Taiex futures rose by 1% on Sunday, according to Bloomberg.

Only 186,149 of the more than 23m people have had their first jab since Saturday. Health officials have about 130,000 of the remaining AstraZeneca vaccine; A 5.05m shot by Moderna is expected to arrive in June. The proposed vaccine should also be available from July.

On Saturday, Taiwan announced the suspension of its voluntary, paid Covid-19 program, while urging those in the first group to apply for treatment immediately.

Tsai said Taiwan had a year of preparation under it, with enough defensive and medical equipment, as well as consumer goods. Authorities posted pictures of the shelter and other video footage in an effort to reassure residents.

Carrefour said it could distribute the sale of masks, toilet paper, alcohol and noodles on the spot to avoid storage.

Taiwan’s demolition to avoid closures and other restrictions during the epidemic has protected the country from economic crises elsewhere.

Zake Domestic supplements grew about 3% last year, before taking up to 8.2% in the first quarter of 2021, a pace that hasn’t been seen in years. Economic growth has been driven by advances in technology and a population density in Taiwan Last year the epidemic fled the country, especially in the US.

The council provided funding for NT $ 210bn (US $ 7.2bn) this week to support the short-term explosion of the explosive device.

“As long as we can take things in stride and stop the spread of the plague. . . The new implementation will be encouraged once the situation is stabilized and economic growth this year could be achieved as they say, “the government said in a statement after a meeting of finance officials on Sunday morning.

Recent cases of coronavirus

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