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T-Mobile locks the latest data breach on SIM exchange

T-Mobile is still available suffering from data breach, although its recent headline may reflect the business of many cell phones. The carrier is has been confirmed to Relaxing Computer that a recent breach of data came from SIM switch attacks. The executives tampered with the “minimum number” of customers by issuing SIM cards or viewing “limited” account information, T-Mobile said.

It is not known what methods the attackers used, but SIM swaps are often used to hack online accounts and avoid the authenticity of the two SMS items. Attacks are sometimes based on persuading or paying employees to change.

The donor said he had “quickly fixed” the problem using existing methods and had taken steps to protect his interests. The company also said that swaps are “common occurrences in companies.” Unfortunately, this may not be helpful to victims – it can take a long time for a SIM attack to be effective.

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