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Sundar Photosi describes Google’s new ‘hybrid’ approach to work

And some Google employees return to the company’s offices at their own discretion last month, CEO Sundar Photosi says the tech giant is taking on a new one mixed week. In the growth of a pilot who started in December, most employees spend about three days working in the office and the other two “wherever they can work best.” How the divisions will be used in practice depends on the interest of the employee and the group they belong to.

In addition, Google will provide more opportunities for employees to navigate. By mid-June, it will establish a system that will allow employees to register to work in another office. In addition, all employees will have the opportunity to work for up to four weeks from the office they have been assigned on a part-time basis. Google is also planning to set up long-distance positions even for groups that are not all-in-one. The company will also provide opportunities for employees to register remote work in the area where they operate. When it comes to working in another office and taking on a remote role, the company is said to be considering the needs of a team of employees.

“Whether you choose to move to another office or if you are looking for a long-term job, your compensation will be adjusted according to where you live,” Photosi says of the law. With these changes, an executive estimates that about 60 percent of the company’s employees will work fewer days each week. Twenty% will work from home, while the other 20% will spend in new offices.

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