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Sudan revokes Al Jazeera Mubasher | Al Jazeera Stories

Sudanese officials say the ruling was based on a ‘violation’ of licensing procedures.

Sudanese authorities have revoked Al Jazeera Mubasher’s permit, the video said.

In a statement on Sunday, Qatari journalists said government officials had revoked the registration of two of its journalists in the country.

“Al Jazeera condemns disrupting the work of broadcasting justice and factual information and allowing its journalists to work without hindrance and to carry out their duties,” it said.

“The Network sees this as an attack on the freedom of the press and calls on international human rights organizations and the media to condemn violations of the protection of journalists.”

The Sudanese ministry of culture and information said in a statement on Saturday that the decision was based on “inappropriate behavior”.

It added that the film’s coverage was based on “the country’s culture in broadcasting that is contrary to the professionalism of the profession and the customs and traditions of the Sudanese people”.

“[This] has undermined national interests and national security … Indicates a violation of the rules on which the permit was issued.

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