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Substack Now With Deplatformed Theater


What Alex Are Berenson, Bari Weiss, and Glenn Greenwald the same? They have all protested against the dismissal – whether it was a Twitter ban or a public layoff – just to get a new home and more resources on Substack.

Advocacy page, was established in 2017 and was cited as another way to promote the ever-suffering advertising industry, has established itself as an anti-Facebook-areas where behavior and reasoning prevail over algorithms for action. But some of its well-known writers are seen by many as pushing for harmful content. Such success raises a difficult question for new media lovers: If Substack is the future, what future does it create?

For Substack CEO and cofounder, Chris Best, the future cannot repeat past mistakes. “As we have done, when we have promotional, interesting ads that control how people waste time and attention, they have negative consequences.” Enter Substack. By Alex Berenson.

Berenson, kale a New York Times The author, who was banned from Twitter in August 2021 for pushing for lies about the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, has a successful business on Substack. He earns about $ 720,000 a year from his subscribers — albeit surprisingly not visible on the Substack boardboard of top writers. Best says Berenson’s absence from the Substack team is not a choice not to encourage him but rather “technical difficulties.” Although Best did not say when the problem would be identified or when it would be resolved.

Unsurprisingly or not, Berenson’s popularity leads to a controversy over Substack, which portrays itself as an alternative to advertising — as well as financial error. “We see that the way the first generation of online and offline social media games played disrupted many things,” he says. Although Best admits the social networking site and the original internet helped connect people in new ways, they believe it did business models already in place Great writing by the way is impossible to return, even for most publications, The Nthe York Times perhaps the greatest of them, capable of making big money from good notes.

Best believes that Substack is a new way to advance the world of deep media, as well as announcing a new democratic world. Social media has disrupted journalism, and Substack is here to save. When he started Substack, Best and co-founders, Hamish McKenzie and Jairaj Sethi, compared it to newspaper articles 200 years ago, saying that their skills were equally important. It was created to block the media that the founders saw as a bad way to provoke anger because it spreads on TV. “The inspiring designs created for this not only help but also provide a good reward. It helps and rewards things that make us crazy,” says Best. “And it is a failure, for us as a people who care about what we read and care about having a positive view of the world, and for all people because it disturbs us.”


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