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Subaru unveils 1,073HP electric speed car

Subaru right now new to EVs, but this does not prevent them from revealing the most sought after projects. Electrek reports automaker ali explained two imaginary EVs at Tokyo Auto Salon, plus its first electric car. The STI E-RA Concept is showcasing the upcoming Subaru car with 1,073HP of power from its four Yamaha motors, a large descent and all-wheel drive connected to a “special” torque-powered engine that enhances grip and stability.

Although the 60kWh battery is small, the Subaru is confident that the E-RA can perform well on the track. It hopes to launch the Nürburgring lap for 6 minutes and 40 seconds sometime in 2023. This is not as fast as VW.R. (6 minutes 5 seconds), but it’s better in front of road cars like Tesla Model S Plaid (7 minutes 35 seconds). The company plans to test E-RA at Japanese athletics leagues later in 2022.


The sign also unveiled the Solterra STI Concept (center) which, as the name implies, is a sportier version of the upcoming crossover. Subaru has not discussed body changes, but the upgraded Solterra has a roof trim, skirt breakers and other preferences to show what it wants to do.

Although the E-RA represents Subaru’s car plans, it also serves as a statement of intent. As VW runners, it shows that the company is in dire need of EVs and is able to produce more fast cars as well as daily carriers. The challenge is to translate what we learn from ideas like these into sustainable vehicles. Subaru has been delayed by EVs compared to its predecessors such as VW, Mercedes and GM, and may need to move quickly if it wants to counter the power struggles of its rivals.

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