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Student rhetoric in the US demanding reproductive rights spread | Academic Issues

American student Paxton Smith removed the last word approved by the school administration and instead called for the right to abort in a message that began to spread on TV.

Smith, a 2021 valedictorian writer at Lake Highlands High School in the U.S. state of Texas, presented to school administrators what has affected journalists at a young age.

But when he spoke at the graduation ceremony on Sunday, he instead referred to what he called “the struggle for freedom” of his body and of girls and other women by “heartbeat.” bilu”, Drafted into law by Texas ambassador Greg Abbott late last month.

“I will not be able to leave this platform to promote self-reliance and peace in the face of physical warfare and the struggle for freedom. The war for your mother’s rights, the war for your sisters ‘rights, the war for your daughters’ rights. We cannot remain silent, ”he told the students.

The new law prohibits, without remission, any abortion after a heart attack can be detected. This can happen as early as 6 weeks after pregnancy when most women are unaware that they are pregnant.

The law also allows anyone to sue a Texas abortionist or anyone who has helped someone with an abortion for $ 10,000.

This rule is due to take effect on September 1, however dry courts has strongly discouraged countries from using the same methods. Proponents of abortion are expected to challenge the law, saying the practice is a complete ban on abortion.

Advocates for abortion are gathering outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC [File: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters]

“I have dreams, hopes and aspirations, for every graduate girl today,” Smith said. “We have spent our whole lives working on our future, and without what we have done and without our consent, our future has been taken away from us.”

While the bill distinguishes medical emergencies, it does not exempt from the effects of rape or incest.

“I’m afraid that if my parenting strategies end, I’m afraid that if I get raped, then my hopes and aspirations and my dreams and my potential for the future will no longer be a problem,” Smith said.

“I hope you can feel how it feels in the gut,” he said, “I hope you can feel how it feels, so that the freedom to allow your body to be taken away from you.”

Smith, who is planning to study business at the University of Texas at Austin, on Wednesday said he had already given his speeches to school administrators and was trying to complete his final year of work in the school’s music room when he decided to stop speaking.

“I can’t focus on the job. My mind continues to ‘double hit’ with its meaning. As a result, I started writing essays, “he told the Associated Press.

Smith said he hoped his microphone would be cut or his certificate would be signed – it did not happen. He also said he was surprised by the response to his message.

“I thought it would die right away,” he said. But she saw tears in her eyes as she spoke.

And in recent days, a video of his address, which was published on television and rewritten by many, has released kudos from comedians Sarah Silverman, who wrote online, “Brave”, and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton he wrote: “This took a turn for the worse. Thank you so much for not being silent, Paxton.”

Beto O’Rourke, a former Texas legislator, sent a text message saying: “Paxton, thank you very much for being courageous in your beliefs and for urging the people of Texas to refuse to accept injustice as a contribution to development.”

The Richardson Independent School district, of which Lake Highlands is a part, was not much of an interest. In his remarks, he said they have also reviewed plans to speak to students before the graduation ceremony next year.

“The content of each individual speaker’s message is confidential, the individual student’s will and does not necessarily reflect the approval, support, responsibility or disclosure of the District or its staff,” it said.

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