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Strong business principles from the epidemic

Boris Johnson is an idiot surrounded by idiots who have to stop singing Omicron’s “much fun” and do the same thing wisely as European leaders, Michael O’Leary became furious one week.

“Not everyone is scared of Italy or Spain or Germany or Holland,” a Ryanair boss told a reporter. The Times newspaper London.

Unfortunately, a day later his interview appeared last week, a The Netherlands was placed a global closure to reduce the spread of Omicron and Germany brought strict travel laws that came from the UK. France already had the same travel limits by Monday even though O’Leary’s home country in Ireland had a time of 8pm to reach restaurants and cafes.

He ignored the first case study of the epidemic that became as real in 2021 as it was in 2020: the certainty is declining in a world full of uncertainty.

But what if this is just the beginning of a great deal of instability?

Last year’s wonders of working from home, finding Zoom and seeing the pace of vaccination has made some changes in 2021 that raise serious questions about professionalism, collaboration and consistent change.

Some of the most iconic items have been technical.

Prior to 2021, do you think anyone would pay $ 69m for a piece of digital technology made by artist Beeple, as crypto investor did in Christie’s first sale of NFT, or non-fungible technology in March?

Do you think the world can legally make bitcoin, like Savior What about June?

Or that two billion will they finally reach the shore a month later in their secretly paid ship? Or that Facebook would remake Meta is announcing that it will focus on the global “metaverse”, while the outfit is called the Republic Realm said it paid off $ 4.2m for digital space plan a few weeks ago?

It is difficult to know what these and other technologies are showing, or if they are as dangerous as many fear. Artificial Intelligence technology is expected to lead to more jobs such as job losses, a new study conducted by experts in Britain. gave one final thought sabbath.

But it is hard to be certain of the unpredictable nature of the epidemic: the growing gaps between rich and poor, as well as successful businessmen and losers. Indeed, nothing has shown the folly of the idea that “we are all together” and “rebuilding” and 2021.

When Forbes released the whole world list of billions in April reported 493 increases, despite the first year of Covid’s death, economic decline and job losses. This means that the world has earned billions every 17 hours since the March 2020 economic recovery.

Many on the list benefited from the aftermath of the McKinsey epidemic. “Mega 25”. These are 25 companies, including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, whose market soared in the first year of the epidemic that together they accounted for 40 percent of the $ 14tn total market share.

It would be one thing if this huge amount of wealth came about if the huge dividend to pay the plague was given where it was most needed.

However 18 percent Spending such spending in advanced governments by 2020 was an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, improve air pollution or support biodiversity, say Oxford University research analysts.

As of last week, the share has risen to nearly 29 percent, says Brian O’Callaghan, lead researcher at Oxford analysts, mainly due to the $ 1.2tn bipartisan measure. construction bill that US President Joe Biden signed into law in November.

It would have been much better if Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat who has allies in the coal industry, would not have tried to drown Biden. $ 1.75tn season and expense, which is actually called Build Back Better plan.

Nonetheless, the approaches that have already been adopted globally could add even more green revenue that should boost smart businesses by 2022.

But this increase may not sound the same when the global effort to tackle the plague is not the same.

The richest nations spend about $ 16,000 per person on Covid, while less developed countries make about $ 60 per person, according to an Oxford study.

Omicron has been a worrying reminder that leaving billions of people unprotected is a way to make other nations. However, as the year draws to a close, section of people with Covid vaccine has reached 70 percent of high-income countries, while only 4 percent of low-income people.

Finally, the great lesson of 2021 is to be sure, and to beware of any idea that evil is over.

As O’Callaghan puts it: “International inequality is growing, and this can only serve to illuminate the future of humanity.”

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