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Strategies used by the police to prevent video watching


Being safe when reporting incidents requires a variety of methods depending on the circumstances. Observers who see police violence in public should stay away, Kelley-Chung advises — in this way they cannot blame you for your involvement. If you can be drawn? Get a passenger to start filming right away, before the soldier approaches your window (getting into your pocket your phone can be very dangerous, especially for people of color). If it is legal in your area, a dash cam could be an alternative, Wandt points out.

As with cell phones, Wandt says, it is also important to remember that “when someone takes a camera and takes a picture, it completely changes everyone, from the alleged victim to a police officer.”

Sykes, an ACLU lawyer, said: “There are laws, there is a Constitution, and then there are things you do when you face a police officer. Identifying how to repatriate police officers who are issuing law enforcement is “difficult,” he says, especially in some cases — for example, in conducting demonstrations.

“There is a special laughter that exists when you oppose the police and the police are armed and they stand at a distance from you,” says Sykes.

The above is the only way to determine if what is happening at the exhibition is safe. But one thing Kelley-Chung realized was that the presence of a camera to capture a police officer could protect others from unwarranted intruders.

“When you see people arguing with the police, get as close as you can,” he says. “This camera can protect you more than a handbag.”

In any case, everyone we spoke to had a common denominator: Do not interfere with the police. Follow the police when they tell you you have to move, but you should not stop filming from the new location, even if they tell you you have to, as long as you are filming a police officer in their work group.

The Watchtower police advise others to collect police information on the site, as well as to identify the time and place. You can ask for the badge number; Parriott says most officers only have business cards.

False mine

Not a single video has changed the way police act, and experts say that even many media outlets will not change the culture of many police departments. Instead, police have found ways to use video cameras, especially exercise cameras, to encourage and direct their cases if violence is occurring or if they have committed improper conduct.

People tend to think that the film is a neutral tool, says Jennifer Grygiel, an assistant professor of communications at Syracuse University – but no, that’s how they are interpreted, and in what way, they need to be enlightened.

“They start to tell the story when it comes out, which focuses on the first ideas in the community around them and their ideas. They also push on the television, and their accounts are like everyone else because they grow their audience. Grygiel.

As police become more adept at creating their own media, finding audiences outside of the media, and using responses such as body cameras, Grygiel says, independent records of police officers working in public can be counterproductive. In some cases, as in the case of Floyd’s assassination, the record is spontaneous, and often in the middle of serious trouble, when violent police incidents or misconduct are taking place in real time.

But the ability of the police and police agencies to spread lies was evident in protests in the summer of 2020, when police departments repeatedly urge a lot of mistakes. Some of these lies spread, with the help of charitable media and the right wing, to promote the belief that anti-apartheid protests were the catalyst for a police war.

Police agencies have backed up the allegations that the staff at Shake Shack “deliberately fed” a group of police officers in Manhattan. The issue was resolved the next day: NYPD investigators said the fragrances that the three police officers inhaled with the milk were not “bleach,” as organizations think, and were not added to the drinks intentionally. Although the Police Benevolent Association and the Detective ‘Endowment Association eventually withdrew their tweets accusing him, they had tens of thousands of pages on the pages, and made them well-known in the media. The media tweets received thousands of posts on Facebook and continued to spread despite the news.

And this was just one example. Last summer, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea also sent a video police removing brick bricks from a South Brooklyn street, citing the work of “systematic burglars” who provide demonstrations with violent weapons, even little evidence that this was true. The NYPD also sent a warning to supervisors with pictures of concrete-filled coffee cups, which closely resemble concrete models used in construction sites. In Columbus, Ohio, police sent a photo of a beautiful bus that they said was there providing dangerous weapons for “rioters,” which is further fueling the international rumors of “antifa buses” descending into cities. Instead, the bus belonged to a group of circus performers, who said The equipment that the police call self-defense equipment also includes intruders as well as kitchen equipment.

In short, the police lie even though they are more closely monitored than ever. There are dozens of videos of misconduct by police in summer demonstrations only, some from body parts that have been altered in the process that makes them feel guilty. But Kelley-Chung thinks there are too many differences that any video can make.

“I saw people filming with their cameras at the time and then the police,” he says. “They know he’s on camera … but he still continues to torture.”

And even when they get home with the DC police, there are some of these days that they can’t think of. Kelley-Chung is black, and her co-star, Andrew Jasiura, is white. They were all wearing the same T-shirt, carrying the same camera equipment. The authorities saw Jasiura as well: “They brought him out to talk to him,” says Kelley-Chung.

That’s when Jasiura told police that his friend was a journalist. They continued to arrest him.


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