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Starship Finishes Posting One Million | by Ahti Heinla | Starship Technologies | Jan, 2021 | Medium

Starship Completes Their One Million Shipping

Today I am proud to announce that we have reached one million independent delivery, 6 years after we established the company in 2014. We hope that no other company in the world has ever brought in so many independent products – including self-driving taxis. We have also raised $ 17m and added jobs to two new schools – UCLA and Bridgewater State University (Massachusetts) in the US. The new investment brings the total Starship revenue to $ 102m so far.

We did not guarantee the 1 million shipping to happen, as there are around 15-20 open locations around the world where robots send every minute. Eventually it happened in Bowling Green, Ohio, for a student named Annika Keeton who is a freshman who is studying pre-health Biology at BGSU. Annika is now part of Starship history!

Annika Keeton, recipient of our $ 1 million in Bowling Green, Ohio

Six years ago we would not have believed that we would have been selling 1m in January 2021 – we would love to hit it soon! But it is clear that delivery robots will operate independently in several countries, 24/7, bringing in tens of thousands per day and millions of miles per year is a challenge. Fortunately we have a very talented team at Starship that I am grateful for making this event possible. It may take us 6 years to ship a million, but we expect the next million to take just a few months!

Today we have re-established UCLA, which is known as one of the top public schools in the US, and we are offering restaurants including Blaze Pizza, Bruin Buzz, Lu Valle, and Southern Lights. Bridgewater State University (Massachusetts) also offers donations from school restaurants including Starbucks Cafe and Bears Den.

One of the first UCLA students to receive a Starship

The extra money comes at the time of the growing interest rate for self-employed companies. Non-communicative shipping has been one of the most reliable ways to protect vulnerable people and to facilitate human contact during the COVID-19 epidemic. We are proud to be providing uncoordinated and marketable food at this critical time to so many people. Demand has increased 5x in the surrounding areas since the beginning of the epidemic.

Starship robots made a line at Bridgewater State University

We have been seeing tremendous growth since we started our first commercial venture in 2018. Last year, Starship launched a number of new delivery programs within the company and expanded to several colleges including Arizona State University (ASU), University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and UC Irvine. In addition to opening a business in Mountain View, CA, we also started shipping to Modesto, CA with our new partner, The Save Mart Companies.

If you want to address the issues and want to have a positive impact on your community, as well as the environment, we would like to hear from you as we are writing a number of activities right now. We plan to grow the Starship team by about 40-50% this year alone. Bring 2021!

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