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Star Wars The High Republic: The Fallen Star Excerpt

Five Jedi, including Wookiee padawan Burryaga Agaburry, stand in the middle of the flames at Starlight Beacon station in the Republic.

The Jedi protects the remnants of the Starlight Beacon.
Picture: Del Rey / Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The High Republic he may not have a year now, but already his golden years it cracks, Establishing a stage of Jedi-Journey reduction we finally see the tail of the prequel trilogy. See the dangers the Jedi could face in a recent book, The Falling Star, in this special preview from io9!

“Anyone who looked at the cover art The Falling Star knows — the challenges the Jedi encounters in this book are complex. Very dangerous. I’m not lying: there will be injuries, “Claudia Gray, one of the actors a large group of writers back The High Republic as well as the most recent title writer, informed io9 via email. “This is a section where I have to say that I regret the pain of the readers, but let’s just say … I LOVE IT. Not because I’m sad, but because every writer hopes that readers will be deeply influenced by the people around them, and because this is the case. The High Republic it has been going on for a long time, and the dangers must be great. “

A Journey of the Jedi Exposed to Real Dangers Inside the Recent New Republic Novel

Picture: Del Rey / Lucasfilm

The Falling Star begins the third phase for The High RepublicIn the first chapter, the preparation of the Republican armies and the Jedi Order – they easily gave up their quest to become warlords, even centuries before the Clone War which could have reduced them – in the face of criminal war criminals. I am. Encouraged by their revolt against the Republican ambassador, a demonstration of celebrations during events of Rising Storm, Nihil is backed by a new deadly weapon unveiled by its leader, the Marchion Ro-One, which has a terrifying force to defeat the Force from the Jedi.

“For a while now, the Marchion Ro secret tool has been visible, slowly, from the shadows (both literally and figuratively) – and this takes a big part forward. The Falling Star, ”Gray laughed. “What could separate the Jedi from the Force? The Jedi have no idea – and they have no way of fighting it.”

Get a taste of the terror that awaits the Jedi—and one master in particular, Indeera Stokes—in an excerpt from The Fallen Star below, making its debut on io9!

Indeera Stokes moved forward through relatively empty, quiet corridors. This level was largely used for storage, and she felt a moment’s dismay that they hadn’t been able to set up some temporary quarters down here for the refugees aboard. So much room, and the docking bay was becoming so crowded—

—but those people had their ships, which for the most part they wished to remain near. And while some of these compartments were empty, others were stocked with valuable components that couldn’t simply be left available to all and sundry.

You’re distracting yourself, she realized. You’re musing and mulling instead of opening yourself to the Force. That’s not going to help.

Do your work.

Indeera took a deep breath and reached out with her feelings. What she found was—

—was nothing.

The Force was not speaking to her here. There was the faintest . . . call it a whisper . . . proof that she hadn’t lost her mind, that the Force continued ever on, as it must. But for the first time since she was a youngling, Indeera had trouble connecting herself to the Force.

The sheer wrongness of it made her stumble. Indeera stopped and put one hand to her head. She had to concentrate. Why couldn’t she think? She should’ve eaten, earlier—it was hard to shake the thought that she was hungry—

Her comlink buzzed. Indeera took it up. “Stokes here—”

“Help me.” The sheer terror in Regald Coll’s voice sent chills along Indeera’s skin. “Please—please—help me!”

Indeera pivoted on her heel and ran back the way she’d come, intent on tracking Regald down. What was happening to him? She was suddenly, sharply afraid for him, more afraid than she’d ever been even for her own life. Her boots pounded against the floor as she turned this way, then that, seeking the path she’d seen Regald take earlier. This seemed to be the right direction . . .

Her steps slowed. Indeera swayed as she went, until finally she stumbled and had to catch herself against the nearest wall. She couldn’t see Regald, though she knew he could only be a few meters ahead of her. Why was it so dark here?

The lights were on, but it was as though—as though she couldn’t take in the light—

Indeera’s eyes opened wider as the floor began to melt. As the walls shifted color and shape. She knew she was hallucinating, but knowing did no good; reality was nowhere to be found. This phantasmagoria surrounded her, entrapped her, took away everything that was true and good.

The floor slapped her across her cheek, kicked her shoulder, shoved her hip. Indeera pawed feebly at her side for her lightsaber, but she couldn’t close her hand around it, and what good would it do besides? There was no enemy to fight. There was no place to stand.

There was no Force to guide her. It was gone, gone, gone forever, and she had not known it was possible to feel so frightened, so alone.

Tears welled in Indeera’s eyes, blurring everything around her until she could see no more.

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Fallen Star releases on January 4.

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