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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ finally incorporates independent stories in its fourth season

The following are some of the minor damages of the fourth season, the sixth part of ‘Star Trek: Find‘(is a vague discussion of section seven).

There’s a trend or tradition among Star Trek shows, right from the start The Next Generation. Somewhere around the third or fourth season the show finds its way and it gets good, if not good. This is not just a surprise to Trek, but the only Trek with its name: grow a beard. This is true of the great men of William Riker and Benjamin Sisko, who began to shave but grew a beard regularly. The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine it’s got better. And Discover may be ready to do his own thing, but instead of a beard and change the shape that fans speak.

One of the grievances of DiscoverThe first three seasons – a combination of dark tones, the infallibility of Michael Burnham and all crying – was that it included another type of form, while each section was another section in one long story. Granted, there were events simultaneously, but each section was still focused on a major issue.


Season four started the same way, with the first phase of the season and the second phase of planning to establish a new site to rebuild the United Federation of Planets and introduce a major threat this season: Dark Matter Anomaly (DMA). However, in contrast to previous seasons where each section would have focused on a single step in finding a solution, the problem has returned to A-plot independent.

This change can be seen for the first time in the third season, when Burnham and his team are responsible for following the brutal member of Qowat Milat (as I explained to my editor: ninja nuns). DMA and more of the C-plot in this episode, with the B-plot plot occupied by the story of Gray Tal and his new android body. Step 4 was Tilly trying to educate and keep the Starfleet cadet team alive (in a Voyager ‘s reminder plotLearning Curve‘and’Good Shepherd‘). The fifth paragraph saw workers assigned to evacuate a country threatened by the DMA. The surprise may have been the cause of the region, but it was reversed by any other global threat as the section focused on Michael’s struggle to free six prisoners from the world.

Artist: David Ajala as the first Paramount Book + STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.  Photo Cr: Michael Gibson / Paramount + (C) 2021 CBS Interactive.  All rights reserved.


This week’s article has found out Discover walking through a DMA-built basement and crashing, with AI Zora who had just landed on the ship failing to guide security personnel. However, while the disruption is also due to the Discovery crisis, it is also, the risk of reversal. The real running of the session is to solve the problems of outsourcing, and the personal problems of people like Zora and Cleveland Booker.

Next week will bring the Dark Matter Anomaly forward, but it is understandable because the seventh episode marks a very difficult 13-hour period and the end of our calendar year. It is not uncommon for many radio programs to use this time to “get” into their core issues and advance their plans to the next level. But it is strange for Discover for it does not represent the pure division as it has been in previous months: the first season went from the Battle of Klingon to the Mirror Universe, the second season went from the secret of the Red Angel to the evil battle of AI Control. Next week’s episode represents an easier transition than ever before.

Artist: Ian Alexander as Gray of Paramount + original STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.  Photo Cr: Michael Gibson / Paramount + (C) 2021 CBS Interactive.  All rights reserved.


This slide is mainly due to the fact that the ongoing story has not been given much time to flow smoothly, instead it is just a low-pitched whistle as the show focuses on a series of arresting people who shoot at once. The stand-alone sections may seem old-fashioned during game and play, while viewers can get answers instantly so there is no need to make any topic “complete.” There is no chance that you will not be satisfied with what is in the next section with just a few seconds left. While it shows that the first week-long drama has fallen into the trap, assuming that most viewers will receive the show later, only a few will watch each episode go down.

But much of his current presence, Star Trek has been a boon to the dead. People who can’t wait for the next episode, people who will read and write their posts on the most popular pop sites and who share ideas on TV. Very + has put a lot of chips into the power of these solid foundations, and set its production schedule with five Star Trek shows that never cross, meaning that anyone who wants to see everything soon will need to keep their Paramount + subscription. all year round.

Photo: Grudge cat Paramount + original STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.  Photo Cr: Michael Gibson / Paramount + (C) 2021 CBS Interactive.  All rights reserved.


Even fan complaints can play a big part in DiscoverThe idea of ​​transforming it into an episodic form, it is possible that the desire to keep fans on the hook at all games played a huge part. When Discover it was the only Star Trek show, and one of the few times it offered Paramount +, it was rare for viewers to register themselves to sign up when they wanted to eat more – sometimes even within a free week the service offers to new customers. It looks like Lower Decks, Prodigy and that is to come Amazing New Worlds works already with episodic form, i.e. Discover could have made a “hole” in the continuous registration of viewers, the opportunity to retire from Star Trek and pay $ 6 a month.

With episodic manifestations it is very difficult to ignore them as they go along; each segment represents a complete view, which makes waiting between the segments easier. And when Discover meeting new countries and new events each week, gives fans something new to discuss, instead of repeating old ideas about a story that goes on and on until the season is over. Star Trek was just designed to be seen in a slow motion, and embracing the shape makes it easier Discover gaining fan interest over time.

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