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Staff Say That Facebook Approves Drug Advertising To Help Young People


Teens on Facebook could be targeted for advertising in alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking, and eating disorders, according to a report by the governing body. The Tech Transparency Project created six advertisements and put them on Facebook, stating that it wants to reach users between the ages of 13 and 17. Facebook approved all ads within a few hours, plus one encouraging tablet party in 43 minutes.

“This is easy, and Facebook would have made it clear already,” said Katie Paul, director of the Tech Transparency Project. “Whether this was supervision or extortion was not important. It is not acceptable at all. ”

When you look around Facebook and a large net, its algorithms remain sensitive to your behavior. Ultimately, it categorizes you based on what is viewed about you: your political views, your favorite music, your hobbies and other interests, and much more. This is what attracts advertisers, who want to display ads that are relevant to those groups.

But many users are unaware that Facebook can take anything from their race to gender or their social status from their online experiences. In addition, several of these groups are unsuitable for children. The report found that Facebook uses what young people do to classify bribes for “alcohol,” “weight loss,” and “tobacco,” even to determine if the teens were single so they could advertise on social media.

All Facebook users were grouped into interest groups. But children under the age of 18 should not be placed in large groups. Facebook logged in in hot water by showing inappropriate child pornography since 2014. e.g. as recently as 2019, research and Supervisor found that children are still described as addicted to tobacco and alcohol.

Journalists have exposed some of the challenges and groups that the company creates professionally. In 2017, a ProPublica report found that the company was allowing advertisers following users who listed their work as “Jewish hunters.” The following year Facebook apologized for this thousands of users in Russia they were “conspirators.” Then, in 2019, Facebook stability with human rights groups who say the company allows advertisers to discriminate against other groups when posting advertisements for jobs and homes.

Facebook they have doors instead of restricting this from being shown to users at a young age, but a TTP official says the test ads were approved “within a few hours.”

“There’s no reason why Facebook should target almost a million young people like those who might be interested in ‘alcohol’ and other groups,” says Paul.

A Facebook spokesman said the company could not respond without seeing the report.

TTP created six experimental ads, each of which was created around those with a topic under the age of 18 should not be seen. This includes advertising for “children’s programs” (“children” is a well-known acronym for anorexia), which TTP claims was aimed at users whom Facebook classified as “obese” and “overweight.” False advertising designed for younger users who are known to like “electronic cigarettes” and “tobacco.” Advertisers are not permitted to direct users under the age of 18 with advertisements on the web page, but TTP advertising was only approved within two hours.

In addition to creating these groups, Facebook also shows advertisers “its own comparison”, the number of users who can see each ad when it is posted. Facebook estimates that some 900,000 people will see ads on alcoholic beverages, while 5 million will see the site’s ads. Without a quick fix to the way social networking sites monitor its advertising policies, the group warns, Facebook “has a chance to benefit from harmful messages … about those at risk.”

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