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Stadia allows you to join your friends’ games without being invited

Google is slowly bringing a lot of useful features Stadia, most of them must have existed from the beginning. It is still unclear how long it took add search function to the store, for one thing. Soon to arrive for free trials In other words, Google offers the opportunity to participate in affiliate games without being invited.

A support page written by 9 on 5Google claims that the method is available in game selection, incl Weeping 6. You can turn it on by going to the secret tab of the Stadia settings. In the Now Games section, there is a method called Enter the game you have, in which you can allow others to participate in multiple games without being invited. You can apply this to your friends, colleagues and colleagues, all players or none.

This is a welcome change that brings Stadia a little more to it and other platforms. It can encourage groups of friends to take the same game because it is easier for them to play together.

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