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St Louis family who printed guns at protesters pleads guilty | Black Life Essential Issues

A Missouri court has fined Mark McCloskey and his wife, Patricia, for pointing guns and guns at protesters at the Black Lives Matter last year.

Two wealthy American lawyers known for pointing guns at Black Lives Matter (BLM) criminals who passed by their home have pleaded not guilty, the court official said.

Mark McCloskey, who went through the grass and threatened protesters with a gunshot wound last year, was fined $ 750 on Thursday for hitting a fourth degree, said Tom Gross, a spokesman for the 22nd Circuit Court in St. Louis, Missouri.

His wife Patricia McCloskey fined him $ 2,000 for harassing him after carrying a gun to protesters.

All of them accused him of misusing weapons after appearing in photographs and nude photos on their lawn in front of their palace, firing their guns and shouting as peaceful protests against police brutality and discrimination on June 28, 2020.

There was no evidence that he might have been intimidated by his opponents.

The two became a symbol of the distinction between white American Americans and black people seeking justice.

But state lawmakers defended their actions and state attorney Mike Parson said he would pardon them if found guilty.

The pair became Republican champions in a highly contested election last year, warning Democrats would take away American gun rights.

“Make no mistake: No matter where you are, your family will not be safe in the Democrats’ America,” Patricia McCloskey said in a video the duo held at the August Republican international conference that elected Donald Trump as second president.

In May, Mark McCloskey announced his candidacy for Missouri seats in the United States Senate.

The video of the chair confirmed the incident, while exacerbating the threat the couple faced.

“When an angry mob came to destroy my house and kill my family, I argued with them,” he said. “I will not go back.”

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