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Spotify Will Not Do Anything About Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan at the UFC 264 ceremony at the T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe Rogan at the rich UFC 264 event at the T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Picture: Louis Grasse / PxImages / Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)

Famous Podcaster Joe Rogan is just asking questions. Wrong questions, and many of them, especially when it comes to the coronavirus. He has disappointed the youth receiving the vaccine, promoting the notion that covid therapy incompatible with ivermectin is less commonly used protecting the benefits of the vaccine, and they were summoned by a prominent figure photographers improper spitting of the vaccine.

As Rogan hundreds of millions monthly downloads at the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), which makes him one of the biggest non-judgmental voice-driven, and sometimes encouraging, antivaxx administration. And its publisher, Spotify, obviously wants to look for another way to protect theirs only $ 100 million with him, even if it means allowing him to promote conspiracy theories — as he did last month. In section # 1757 of JRE, Rogan asked for a virus specialist named Dr. Robert Malone to tell the audience that public health responses to coronavirus, especially the general vaccine, are closely linked to so-called “mass formation psychosis.”

Malone’s credibility is largely based on his claim that he developed the MRNA vaccine. Whether that is true or not Atlantic said he is one of the many scientists who published the most important work on MRNA – recently his knowledge seems to have greatly helped to elevate his beloved position in the media of the right wing and anti-vaxx to go. Malone says it is not a vaccine, but questions security and strength of a real MRNA vaccine on the market. Much of what he said has happened they were voted as false and researchers and many other scientists he may say that he is off the train. The mass of psychosis, in Malone’s words, is exactly the same as what happened in Germany before the third Nazi era, when people “actually becomes hypnotized and can be found anywhere. ” Malone went on to tell Rogan that this is why members of a trusted group are following what they consider to be dangerous, such as pressure from people to get vaccinated.

Basically, stop the formation of psychosis no a a valid scientific theory and, according to experts on issues such as population and social status, are unreliable. (According to the AP, University of Sussex psychologist John Drury and Binghamton University professor of psychology Steven Jay Lynn described the theory as based on negative perceptions about the human mind and the power of hypnosis.) and a good gristle of war against the right wing and anti-vaxxers angry over the health of people who want to re-change it wrong such as having banned knowledge and calling anyone who disagrees with it like a mentally ill sheep. This is why the Malone section spread.

That was the case for YouTube, which took a video of Malone’s interview under the false claims of covid-19. For its part, Spotify has done jack shit. Rolling Stone said Wednesday that about 270 scientists, medical professionals, and scientific educators, led by Boston’s Children’s Hospital infectious disease specialist Jessica Malaty Rivera, signed. open letter to Spotify blaming Rogan for having Malone and spreading false rumors about covid and vaccination. They do not want Spotify to leave Rogan or remove the section, but just make false claims. From the letter:

On December 31, 2021, Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), Spotify’s only podcast, posted a highly controversial article about the visitor. Dr. Robert Malone (# 1757). This section has been deleted rebuke in promoting baseless heretical doctrines and JRE has a stake reputation false publications, especially of the COVID-19 epidemic. By allowing the spread of false and harmful propaganda, Spotify is making its fellow TVs undermine public confidence in scientific research and sows doubts about the reliability of data-based guidelines provided by medical professionals.

… With nearly 11 million viewers per segment, JRE is the largest podcast in the world and has a huge following. Although Spotify has a responsibility to curb the spread of fraud on its platform, the company currently has no false information.

The letter stated that the average age of Rogan’s audience was 24, and that people between the ages of 12 and 34 who did not receive the vaccine. 12 times as much as possible hospitalization as a vaccine holder. The signatories are said to be “the ones who will be responsible for redressing our misunderstanding of science and medicine” as well as for the “catastrophic weight of the plague that has expanded our medical practice to the limit.” The letter concludes that allowing Rogan to propagate misleading propaganda is not just a scientific or medical issue, but a “extremely destructive social phenomenon.”

“This is a non-scientific concept, and having it on a large platform makes it seem like there are two sides to the issue,” Katine Wallace, an epidemiologist at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health, told Rolling Stone. “And there is no such thing. Most evidence is that the vaccine works, and it is safe.”

Spotify at the moment does not seem to have the legal implications for its policies – unlike other major platforms, which are paperback, even if they are not properly adhered to. Asking for information on such issues and supporting Rogan in the future is prudent, except because Spotify says it has not neglected to set 42 shares of JRE when it signed a contract with Rogan in 2020. According to Variety, the articles contained questions from right-wing extremists, such as the activist Milo Yiannopoulos, the founder of the Proud Boys’ street-fighting team Gavin McInnes, a well-known figure. anti-Holocaust denier Charles C. Johnson, anti-feminist critic Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin, and Owen Benjamin, a comedian best known for his anti-Semitic violence. The idea of ​​throwing the sections at the bottom of the memory pit seems to have not established any progressive pattern.

Rogan later stated that the non-disclosure of the incident, which angered his fans, was part of a $ 100 million deal: “There were a few episodes they didn’t want on their platform, and I was like ‘okay., I don’t care.”But he he insisted that there will be no corporate disruption from then on: “Most people are like, ‘they tell Joe Rogan what they can and cannot do’. They are not – they are not.”

Once again, Rogan is said to have 11 million listeners in each segment. To put it bluntly, Tucker Carlson is the king of first and round news 3 million viewers for each category. It is safe to say that Spotify doing anything about the Malone segment could be in danger of losing one of its major cattle sales. Spotify probably no longer wants to irritate a group of fans who use their platform several times a week, not to mention the inevitable storm from caregivers who want to make him their latest child to watch.

As it stands, Spotify reported from time to time media media last year that it removes antivax substances because it prohibits “platform content that promotes false, fraudulent, or misleading Covid-19 that could harm cybercriminals and / or threaten public health.” So clearly another type of policy exists, to the extent that it can be eliminated carelessly. Spotify is not fully aware of this rule or its approach. The only thing that is well known is that Rogan obviously does not have it.

Spotify did not respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment. Nor did it respond Price CNBC, Hill, and Washington Post, Deadline, Chances are, or New York Daily News, among other publications. Why would he ever do that? They do no wrong. Go ahead and prove us wrong.

“Considering their role in the community and disseminating content, there is a responsibility for the global health crisis to not exacerbate the problem,” Rivera, the letter’s editor, told Rolling Stone. “We have an infodemic that is exacerbating the epidemic and leading people to make wrong choices and die. These are preventable diseases that people like Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone are directly responsible for.

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