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Spotify system for recording Podcast

Almost immediately Apple’s announcement yes paid podcast paid platform last week, reports began to spread Spotify will announce in detail its work. The company said it would test paid subscriptions back in February, but today things have changed for the better. Spotify has announced a pay-per-view platform that allows podcast viewers to pay more for the full content. The main difference with Apple’s app is that Spotify can’t cut the first two years apart without paying for it. And when she asks for her share, she only wants five bucks.

The Spotify app is available via Anchor, universal podcast production platform purchased in 2019. Developers can select shares as subscribers only before publishing to Spotify and other platforms. For manufacturers who store podcasts elsewhere, the company claims to be using technology that would allow existing audiences to use the login to stream exclusive Spotify content. The company doesn’t offer much there, but it does tell us a lot about its partners which is coming soon.

In the Spotify app, paid subscriptions can be “searchable and available” as per the share. The text that you want to register should still appear on the screen, but will be marked with a closed image on the video player. If you choose to support the show, you can do so on its Anchor page or via the show’s link on Spotify.


As you might expect, Spotify is subscribing to pay-per-view as a good thing for developers and audiences. “Audiences should know that their subscriptions go to those who like them, and give independent producers their money,” the company explained in a blog post. And for anyone making a show, the company says the paycheck will allow them to “grow the subscriber audience and grow from where they listen.” Most followers rely on advertising money to make money, unless they publish the content of the audience that they support directly through a page like Patreon. Spotify now offers a different way, as long as you do not want to publish via Anchor. The company also has its own advertising platform has spent years building – another piece of podcast money they can donate.

Specifically, Spotify is also offering podcast makers another way to record Apple that has just been announced. Apple charges a $ 19.99 annual fine for its Apple Podcasters Program. It will also be able to cut 30% for the first year and 15% thereafter. While the Apple brand is not a one-stop shop like Anchor has already been set up, the company will provide analytics, event management tools and more that can help manufacturers stay organized.

Podcast subscription to Spotify


Spotify is already working with 12 independent podcasters to take advantage of the streaming opportunity. Spotify says it chose the shows based on how they were “specially selected” to take advantage of the platform. The company is also approving the services of the waiters and is planning to open up opportunities for some well-known “in the coming months.”

One of the manufacturers is NPR, and the public broadcaster will provide some of its free shows to those who have paid for them. From May 4, How I Done This By Guy Raz, Short Wave, It’s been a minute with Sam Sanders, Code Edit and Global Currency will be available as part of the initial launch. Demonstration verses available without sponsors will have a “Plus” at the end of their headings (Code Change Also, For example).

Apple versions of the subscription podcast paid for by Apple will be widespread in May and have not mentioned any list of subscribers or services. In addition, Apple’s podcast subscription will be available in 170 countries when it launches. Subscribing to Spotify podcast begins today in the US. The company plans to expand the program globally “in the coming months.”

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