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Spotify Purchases Podz To Help Find Your Favorite Podcasts

Illustration of the Spotify Buys Podz article to make it easier to find Podcasts

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Finding a new podcast that you like is easier said than done. It is a job that requires time, effort, and attention. Spotify wants to make this process easier by betting the podcast The available technology created and initiated will help its users find and acquire associated with new demonstrations.

The company announced Thursday that it found the podcast release Podz, an initiative that created the so-called “audio newsfeed” which displays 60 seconds from various podcasts. Here’s where the technical comes in: Instead of just releasing the artwork selected by the podcast makers, Podz uses machine learning software to select the best time shows. This allows users to watch several podcasts in minutes instead of listening to all 30- or 60-minute demonstrations.

Spotify reported the merger Podz and His 2.6 million podcastthe sky, learning from his past career in finding music, and how the current financial situation allows take the podcast to the next section. Together, the company says it will be easier for users to find their favorite apps and podcast makers to create fans.

“Spotify has had machine learning experts focused on word-finding for nearly a decade, but there is more work to be done,” the company said in a statement. announcing the message. “We hope that Podz’s expertise will complement and support Spotify’s efforts to launch its findings, provide the audience with timely content, and support the group’s global growth.”

According to Products, The Podz machine learning machine was trained for over 100,000 hours of listening and thought with the help of journalists and voice editors. Back in February, the lease was stated that Podz earned $ 2.5 million before the fund. In addition to receiving funding from investment firms such as M13 and Canaan Partner, it also had sponsors such as Katie Couric and Paris Hilton. (To see, both Behavior and Hilton have podcasts).

Spotify did not specify how it paid to Podz.

Find and get the latest take on combat podcasting. In April, Spotify announced its paid registration tower, which allows creators to submit subscriptions to their presentations. Interestingly, Spotify said it does not charge players to use the platform for the first two years and would be expected to charge a fee. In 2023, Spotify will start charging a 5% fee for using the platform.

This is in contrast to Apple, which will charge 30% of the podcast subscription fee in the first year and 15% in subsequent years. Apple has been launched Pod-in-app subscription this month.

Spotify is integrating Podz technology into its platform and said users can expect to see its content within a year.

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