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Spotify is launching a launch that will help make podcasts available

Spotify ali he is sick an introduction called Podz that would make it easier to find new podcasts to listen to on the platform. It is part of a larger podcast advertising campaign that has taken place over the past few years, which will continue, especially now that it has the registration system you paid for of the race. Podz uses machine learning technology to create high-quality videos that have a lot of time in the podcast that users can listen to. It can give new subscribers a picture – perhaps a much clearer picture than what written descriptions or unmistakable examples can provide – of what the podcast is all about.

As 9to5Mac writing, the announcement comes later About He also said that Facebook will launch podcasts next week. The online podcast gives the audience the opportunity to create one-minute video sharing for further enjoyment and interest. While Podz’s acquisition would make the podcast more accessible on Spotify, the company has released several in recent years to bring the shows in front of a new audience. In April, for example, that he found “Top Episodes” format on its newsletters that gives users access to even the most anonymous podcasts. Also he added Music and podcast filters on its iOS and Android apps back in May.

In an announcement, Spotify said it would incorporate Podz’s expertise into its service and that listeners would see their expertise within a year.

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