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Spotify acquires an audiobook Findaway platform

Spotify could be home to many audiobooks. Advertising activity has acquired the audiobook Findaway platform, companies announced. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but their findings indicate that Spotify intends to develop its own audiobook library.

Findaway is a Ohio-based company with a list of more than 325,000 positions, according to its website. The company and Apple, Amazon and other heavyweights retailers, as well as manufacturers of audiobooks. While it is still unclear how Spotify will integrate the Findaway booklet into its own function, the company said the deal will help “quickly expand its audiobook book” and create new opportunities for writers and publishers.

Acquisition is not the first time Spotify has entered audio books. The company has already tried a few public domain classics, and a audiobook for the first coronavirus closure in 2020. But the findings suggest that the promotional platform now has big ambitions in place. The move is also in line with Spotify’s approach to podcasts, as the company used a making its own and manufacturing equipment. So while it is unclear what Findaway means for Spotify subscribers and potential audiobooks, it seems that there are more audio books in the future for the company.

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