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SpaceX set out to establish rockets that have also been used as national security missions

SpaceX has also used Falcon 9 rockets several times for trade missions, but in the meantime, there has been little progress in promoting new international security agreements. However, the Pentagon has signed its first SpaceX mission using a reusable rocket, launching the GPS III satellite to take place on Thursday, June 17, CNBC they say.

The Pentagon’s Armed Forces first approved the idea of ​​establishing military and rocket-based charts last yearEspecially the GPS III app. “In preparation for this first event we have been working with SpaceX to understand the redevelopment and we are confident that this rocket is ready for its next mission,” said Deputy Chief Dr Walter Lauderdale said CNBC.

SpaceX has a $ 470 million deal with the Pentagon to launch five of the six GPS III satellites currently available, and the other has been awarded to the United Launch Alliance. The agreement initially did not allow for reusable rockets, but the military changed the deal last year to allow for re-use – an idea that could save them $ 64 million.

The addition of the Falcon 9 flight charger on Thursday ran a previous operation for the GPS Force Space Force. However, Space Force says this will not be an obstacle in the future. “We are free to use other [reused] extras, not just flying [for Space Force], “said Dr. Lauderdale.

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