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Sony shares share about 10% on Microsoft Activision Blizzard sales

Microsoft’s $ 75bn demand for Activision Blizzard caused Sony shares to drop sharply in one day since the coronavirus epidemic began, with Japan’s social media shares falling 9.8 percent in the opening minutes of Wednesday’s sale.

Tonight’s news agreement It also triggered a game crash in Japan, with shares in Square Enix and Capcom rising 5.0 percent, thinking it could be a target for Sony or as a replacement.

Shares at Nintendo and Konami rose to 1.95 and 2.87 percent, respectively, in open Tokyo, with investors betting that some Japanese companies might consider home integration as a way to protect themselves from adoption.

Sony’s hit reversed its shares in October 2021, ending a run that lifted the stock to 21 years early in 2022.

A longtime Sony resident said the shares were being penalized for “kneeling down” for fear the Japanese company would be forced to raise its money, possibly through advertising. Action or looking for another target that may be more expensive.

“In the next two weeks at the next meeting, should Sony tell investors that they want to grow physically after their enemy has agreed on $ 70bn? recognizing that the decline in prices for Sony has been dramatic. sports investment companies.

Tokyo retailers have also said the shares are being cracked down on speculation that Microsoft’s agreement will boost the company’s Xbox Game Pass appeal, a subscription service that allows members to play games across multiple platforms and directly criticize Sony brand.

Investigators said concerns that Microsoft would make Activision a success Call of Duty These specialties have also contributed to the lower prices of Sony shares. The series, which is available on all games including Sony’s PlayStation, has been a success in the middle of major online clubs around the world and is an excellent example of games that earn money over time after their first release.

“The market is just speculating about what could happen Call of Duty. It looks like a financial suicide if Microsoft makes the license available on its own platform, but they would not care if it made their platform stronger, “said David Gibson, an MST Financial analyst.

“What they can do is make Sony go to other publishers who make first-person shooters, such as EA [Electronic Arts], and pay for temporary isolation to support the PlayStation platform, “he said.

Gibson added that Microsoft’s agreement may not be ready to respond immediately to Sony, whose response to the Activision purchase may be related to its own. long process building high-quality franchises through small-scale purchases.

“The [Microsoft] “The relationship will not be as bad as people think,” he said.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony’s sports team, declined to comment. Square Enix, Capcom and Nintendo declined to comment.

Damian Thong, a technical analyst at Macquarie in Tokyo, said Microsoft’s capture of Activision shows how mature comfort business game could lead to competition with Sony, as the US technical team struggled to compete with Japanese competitors at the forefront of the lucrative market.

“If Sony wants to match what Microsoft is doing, they need to move to PCs and phones and get it [the] kind of a lot of games that work on platforms, “said Thong.” This is expensive. “


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