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Sony no longer sells DSLRs


After helping to develop control glasses, Sony seems to have quietly stopped selling its A-mount DSLR cameras. As we saw earlier SonyAlpha Rumors, Products, Products and A77 II removed Sony page and was described as “unavailable” from germologists B&H video. Sony did not confirm the issue, but Engadget wanted to comment.

It has become clear that Sony no longer wanted to make DSLRs (Sony’s name is DSLT because of the moving glass), because the last version announced was the 42-megapixel A99 II back to 2016. The only delay in the announcement was adaputala which would allow E-camera owners to use A-mount lenses.

So far, Sony has expanded its range and colorless glass, in both the APS-C range. This has reached its peak in about 61-megapixel colors A7R IV high-quality color, 12 megapixels A7S III video and hybrid, 50-megapixel A1 it does everything right. At the same time, fighters like Canon have created big stairs with colorless glass-like colors EOS-R5, right going back on DSLR sales.

Sony’s A-mount DSLRs (starting with Products), came from his acquisition of Konica Minolta, so it looks like the end of the season. Fortunately, there is much to look forward to next year including the release of Sony’s A7 IV, including exciting new cameras from Nikon, List and others.

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