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Sony is unveiling new PS5 DualSense controllers


If you have managed to find a PlayStation 5 and you have been waiting with a different look, Sony has issues that can affect your ears. The company has announced its first control measures, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, which were sponsored by the galaxy.

At midnight Black features two shades of black with gray, which Sony made to “show how we view space across the night sky,” according to blog post. The Cosmic Red color, which is a very dark and reddish hue, was “enhanced by the unique red shades.” It will be available to retailers worldwide starting next month.

So far, the only DualSense that players can carry through the TV is one , which is similar to the PS5’s ornament. Modders have been their movement, where the members of the founding PS5 are named DualSense is pure and pure only.

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