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Sony confirms ‘Unchched 4’ is coming to PC


Soon, Unchched 4: End Thieves will no longer be a special PlayStation. Sony took it revealed (PDF) in a report submitted to investors that the theme goes to PC as one way to get new IPs fans and focus on new locations. Surviving a dangerous game The Days Are Gone arrived on Steam on May 19, which is why there is a chance that Anonymous follows. In addition, the company has told investors that it expects the PlayStation 5 to resume in June and become more profitable a few months later.

Inside findings report Released in February, Sony admitted that it was wasting money on every PS5 it sold because it set “prices for PS5 devices that were … low compared to the production price.” Nonetheless, Sony’s gaming business was pleased with 883.2 billion yen ($ 8.4 billion) in revenue and 80.2 yen ($ 763 million) in profit, up to 50% more than in 2019. which I could not follow it is important because of the global chip shortage. Sony has not commented on how the PS5 will benefit in the coming months, but we do know the amount of revenue it could make from this project in the next acquisition report.

Sony PS5

Unpublished 4 and The Days Are Gone availability on PC is one of the newest issues Sony has discussed with retailers. The company is also looking forward to its efforts to bring in new audiences. If you remember, the company released it adult advertising activity at PlayStation Studios which could look to bring the “most famous franchises” back in April. It also relies on the work of PS Now as well as the VR game on PS5 to create new fans for its consoles and games.

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