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SoftBank’s son has turned to a female pioneer pioneer to rock the board

Masayoshi Son of SoftBank turned to her 40-year-old colleague in April after being given a list of 30 candidates to become a female member of a technical group in Japan.

Keiko Erikawa, chairman of Koei Tecmo Holdings, was the billionaire businesswoman who wanted billions. It brings in management styles that are very different from Son’s dangerous approach, which has taken SoftBank out of it the loss of the past last year that the most successful of all Japanese company.

The $ 7.5bn Erikawa sports company was set up by their husbands, known for hits such as The popularity of Nobunaga and The War Line, has never been rehabilitated or lost in its 43rd year. It emerged from the Covid-19 epidemic with 86% of its value, proving its potential.

“At first, I told her that our company also wanted women’s care and I didn’t have time,” Erikawa told the Financial Times in an interview, recalling her discussion with Son last year. “But I think it’s probably fun and legitimate, considering I’ve known him for a long time and we’ve been struggling with different businesses from time to time so I know him well.”

Erikawa is expected to be appointed director general at SoftBank this month pending approval. Her nomination comes after Yuko Kawamoto, a well-known expert in corporate governance who was the first and only female leader, went down last month after publicly denying the Child on internal matters.

Erikawa, a 72-year-old sports producer, is known to manage $ 1bn of Koei Tecmo in bulk and other items, and has been selling in stocks since the age of 18.

“I always continue to sell money in difficult areas, including start-up capital. That’s why I hope it will be useful as a board member of SoftBank as well,” he said.

Erikawa has known Mwana since he founded SoftBank in 1981 as a PC software developer and saw the company transform into a third-party mobile Japanese operator and a financial backing company behind the $ 100bn backed Saudi Vision Fund. “Given his personality, he will never be satisfied [SoftBank becomes] number one in the world as a money-making company, ”he said.

When Kawamoto criticized the SoftBank management system, Erikawa said he was not too worried about financial instability.

“Son was very upset when he lost so much last year, so I said,” What are you talking about? Investment always comes with risks’, “Erikawa said, referring to SoftBank’s easy betting as a WeWork team.” People are thriving because of their challenges and failures so I hope they have made it possible in the future. “

Another challenge of Koei Tecmo has been the cultivation of female artists.

“I, too, do not want to serve as an overseer for many Japanese women. Even if they have the same responsibilities, it is difficult for them to think of being in two places than standing in the front, “said Erikawa.” There are very talented women in Japan so I feel the need to change this system. “

Hirokazu Hamamura, a sports consultant and digital consultant at Kadokawa Printing Company, said Erikawa could be a voice in the SoftBank that would challenge the power of the Child.

“Ms Erikawa is a good role model for other female managers and one of the participants in the game. She does not hesitate to share her feelings with anyone, but she can do so without offending people because of her personality,” said Hamamura.

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