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Snapchat reduces your peers’ perceptions of a teen account

Snapchat is changing its form of making friends following the call for increased security on the app. The company is making it difficult for uninformed adults to find young people in its program in reduction ideas of friends in his “Quick Add” section.

Now, the app will not display 13- to 17-year-old accounts in Quick Add unless they have “multiple similar accounts,” according to Snap. While this change will not prevent adults and young people from bonding at all, it can be difficult for visitors to find young people they do not already know. In a blog post, the company said the change was part of its mission to “fight the fentanyl epidemic” and prevent drug dealers from finding “new ways to abuse Snapchat.”

The company has been monitoring the performance of drug dealers on its platform in recent months. Legislators and security advocates force Snap to do more to prevent Snapchat sellers from following links to purchased products through the app. Snap also said Tuesday that it has improved its “drug-related” detection capabilities on its platform, while 88 percent of “drug-related” now “known” AI. The company also noted that it has had a team that works directly with law enforcement agencies and has “significantly changed” its response time to legal requests.

At a Senate hearing last fall, Snap Global Public Policy deputy Jennifer Stout said the company was new parenting tips that would make it easier for parents to monitor their children’s activities in the program. The change has not yet begun, though the company hopes to make it available “in the coming months.”

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