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Snap suspends two anonymous Q&A programs following a teenage death case


Updates has suspended two party programs that allow users to send anonymous messages on the platform. This follows a court case filed this week by the mother of an Oregon youth who committed suicide last year, claiming that a few months later she received harassment messages through Yolo and LMK. Q&A software uses the Snap Kit, a number of tools that allow for development connect to Snapchat.

“In view of the seriousness of the case, and because of the Snapchat team’s security warning, we are suspending the merger of Yolo and the LMK Snap Kit as we investigate this,” a Snap spokesman told Los Angeles Times. Engadget has teamed up with Yolo and LMK to provide feedback.

The suit demanded that Yolo and LMK be banned from the platform as well as other programs that do not have adequate protection against cyberbullying. It alleges that the two programs violated consumer protection law by violating their own policies and procedures. According to the case, Yolo promised not to tolerate violence and abuse, but allowed the child to continue for several months. LMK also promised the same to end violence.

Critics say that by not removing the programs from the platform, Snap has also not adhered to its principles. They call unsolicited programs to appear dangerous because of the way they support harassment. Opponents want to represent all users of Snapchat, Yolo and LMK as part of it and want to be destroyed.

In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255. The Crisis Text Line can be reached by texting HOME to 741741 (US), 686868 (Canada), or 85258 (UK).

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