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Snake Eyes Henry Golding GI Joe Questions: Research, Timber


Henry Golding in the planting of a poster of Snake Eyes with his back to the camera and face turned, and wearing a sword.

Henry Golding and Snake Eyes.
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Snake Eyes always has one of the most recognizable, popular in the GI Joe permission, and now we’ll see how he got there. New video Snake Eyes: GI Joe Introduction hits the theater on July 23 and io9 had the opportunity to talk to the man behind the mask, Henry Golding, about the man’s secrets, his clothes, the exploration, and much more.

Even 2009’s GI Joe: Cobra Growth and 2013’s GI Joe: Revenge hearing soon, Snake-eyes and new take and start over of Hasbro’s well-known license. Here, director Robert Schwentke takes “Real American Heroes” and brings the license to Japan. That was where a warrior named Tommy (Andrew Koji, Warrior) takes on another secret warrior (Golding, Various Asian Crazy) under his wing to become a member of his Arashikage family of ninjas — the two will be Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, respectively. In the first chariot, which started at the MTV Movie Awards, you have seen it all along with other beloved GI Joes: Baroness (Úrsula Corberó), Scarlett (Samara Weaving), and the well-known mask at the end. But you may also have questions about the video. io9 sat down to discuss a video earlier this week with a man who could provide answers — Snake Eyes owner, Henry Golding.

Germain Lussier, io9: Snake Eyes is always known for its secrets. He was just a gentle badass and the background record didn’t come until later. Now, from the trailer, it is clear that the video has clearly confirmed this. Were there any concerns about losing some of the secrets and how does the video use the secret?

Henry Golding: Of course not! I think that, as a form, it is very complex, so that looking back at the sections, you can only get there until you hit the wall of the Snake Eyes. He is so wonderful in his ways. We meet him at the beginning of this video where he is encouraged by the things that destroy him so we need to understand them to see why he is so amazing, and to see why he is locked in ways that we can not explain. So being able to be a goal was a real goal. And to give enough to the audience, to give enough fans to feel sorry for the decisions they have to make in the film, to realize that the mistakes they make, the decisions they bring to the table, the lessons they learn, greatly affect the man behind the mask. As a result, for us, it was very important for us to be able to restart several stages because we could not have a vague culture. You know, the secrets are good, but they only get you so far because the questions will always be there. But does it reveal more questions? The answers raise some questions. That’s what I’ve learned from all of this, and that there won’t be enough answers to prove this. It’s too hard.

Yo Joe!

Yo Joe!
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io9: So where does this movie come from in the early 80s and how much of its content?

Golding: We had Larry [Hama] on board as [executive producer]. The amazing Larry Hama was a great guide to be able to tell his story. The reason I do is create backlinks rather than pre-existing ones GI Joe fans and lifelong GI Joe fans to appreciate, as well as a new generation of fans around the world. You must understand, GI Joe was well known in America but now we are looking at the whole world. How do we make it possible for children to feel comfortable in a stadium in Indonesia or Vietnam or elsewhere? We needed it to be simple and easy to understand and they never had to go back to read it Only Interlude to understand like, “Snake’s eyes were like this because of this” ‘No. We needed it, to have a start. Is that the last, all the questions answered, at the beginning? Of course not! We cannot do this. But, of course, we are informed of the history of GI Joe and its throughlines, which are “What is a GI Joe without a COBRA?” I mean, obviously, COBRA plays a big part in this – and the players we’ve been introduced to: Scarlett, Baroness, Tommy, Hard Master, Blind Master, Akiko are one of the new characters. It is not enough to make everything go wrong, but it is enough to make you very hungry. That was the goal.

io9: Did you have any kind of personal experience and behavioral research? Was it just talking to Larry or was it something else?

Golding: It was both, really. It was talking to Larry, he understood what he wanted to do, not what he had planned for someone else. It is what he, as an expert, wants to make and the reasons for his decisions. I think it was important for me, as a player, to think about what I know to be a well-known person here, because if I think about things that didn’t happen, it won’t help me at all. But I know we want to come here at the end of the movie. So what happens between the two points? Where does it go? Everyone is thinking. But what I need to understand is what has inspired you in the meantime? Where have his choices in the past led him to, and why?


Andrew Koji and Tommy, aka Storm Shadow.
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io9: One thing that the trailer shows that it is leading is the garment. I mean, obviously, we want to see your face like a star, but Snake Eyes. Her mask is a star too, so what can you tell me to wear?

Golding: [It was made by] Iron Head studio. They do great beauty in the place. And they, along with our excellent clothing team, created a new Snake Eyes[[[[She has a doll until the camera]. It’s fun. The first time I wore a mask it was like, “White cow, this one fits like a glove.” And so is the modern take on the garment. But I think the joy that is in the movie and see the inspiration from Shaken– you see Snake costumes through the video changing slowly and slowly – but you see the incentives appear in the final suit.

io9: This is a kind of Paramount resume for GI Joe permission and obviously, we don’t know what will happen after the movie. But how much do you know about the possibilities?

Golding: I am as dark as you are. I know for a fact that he is already retired. I’m talking to Lorenzo [DiBonaventura], our manufacturer, is already thinking, because we can take this anywhere – but depending on how Snake-eyes they tell us the real story and tell us where we want to go and how we can improve the environment. Because if we can skip the big entry GI Joe The whole universe is showing 12 characters, people will be like, “Oh well. Well, the guy is fine. This guy does this.” But he doesn’t know anything about them. So being able to make characters from day one, I think, is a real gift.


Samara Weaving and Scarlett.
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io9: You were GI Joe IQ is coming to this film? What did you do to get inside?

Golding: It was hitting all the blogs, hitting all the favorite pages, all the Wikipedia pages, GI Joe Wiki Pages. [The website] Hiss Tank, I listen to those guys. Luckily I got my hands on two types of Only Interlude and it was like reading a long bedtime study to understand who he was. But my real interest was, again, I don’t think any further. At the time we were filming, I was like, “He had a real trigger at the beginning of this movie before he became someone we know, that we have to pay close attention to this.” Most people are like you can lower your own mindset or just focus on what we want to achieve here. That’s what I did, but I can’t help but escape [some history]. They are very rich.

io9: Finally, should we take Timber in this film or not?

Golding: That is the last question for everyone! I’m going to put this this way. This is it GI Joe. [holds arms out wide] This is it Snake-eyes’ video [holds up single finger]. This is the journey we are on [gestures to all the remaining space]. Are the timber in there? Let’s hope so. There is no order for this to happen. And I think, you know, Snake Eyes [with] loyal companion, I think that would be a special, special moment. Therefore we will see.

Here’s another special moment, a beautiful new look from Snake Eyes: GI Joe Introduction.

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