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Singers are asking Spotify to waive a patent for legal recognition


Earlier this year, Spotify acquired a for a word recognition system which can identify “how they feel,” the age and gender of the person and use the information to form appropriate perceptions of the listener. As you can imagine, the potential for the company to use such technology has caused many to become unstable, including digital nonprofits Until Now. In early April, the agency sent Spotify a call for a technical separation. Spotify has responded privately to these issues, Access Now, along with several other groups and a group of more than 180 musicians, asking the company to make it public no longer using, licensing, selling or making money on licensed machines Some of the people and groups who signed the letter include Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, rapper Talib Kweli and the indie group DIIV.

Mu a new letter Spoken by CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek, the partnership outlines five major challenges and expertise. It worries that it could allow Spotify or any other company that sets it up to confuse users mentally, collect their information and select non-consensual people. It also states that the technology will only serve to promote the economic diversity of the music industry. “Music should be designed to connect with people, not to entertain profitable algorithms,” the group says. Access Now asks Spotify to respond publicly to its request by May 18th, 2021.

When we asked Spotify to explain the Access Now request, the company pointed to Engadget in a letter sent to the agency in mid-April. “Spotify has never used the technology described in all of our licenses and we have no such idea,” Horacio Gutierrez, Spotify’s global chief executive, said in a letter. “A legitimate approach to innovation does not always indicate that the company intends to make the product, but rather it is affected by many other things, including our responsibilities to our users and to the community at large.”

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