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Singapore is also enacting stricter laws after the Covid lawsuit went up


Singapore has also introduced measures to disrupt social media, ban cafes from the general public and reduce two-person visits following the new Covid-19 lawsuit.

The ban comes on Sunday, just weeks before the country is set to launch the Shangri-La Dialogue, the world’s top security summit, the first international conference in Singapore since the outbreak began last year.

This is also expected to delay the opening of the trip to Hong Kong which was supposed to start on May 26, the second time attempts to resume flights to the Asian financial center have been delayed.

Singapore has seen several months of one or more local numbers per day respiratory inhibitors in December for the opening of the treasury. But the government has taken a more aggressive approach after 71 cases reported in the area were reported last week, 15 of which were not linked.

Officials recorded 24 cases Thursday, slightly lower than international standards. But the recent increase in cases and the emergence of new clusters follows months of

Authorities have also identified a total of 46 cases at Changi airport that may include a simple B. 1.617.2 coronavirus virus that was first detected in India. Special clusters at Singapore Hospital include these.

“We are vigilant,” Singapore’s health minister said on Friday.

Ong Ye Kung, the minister of transport, said the rise in the case meant that “it is possible that Singapore will not be able to meet the resumption of travel to Hong Kong.

The new methods will be effective for one month but will be updated within two weeks. Outdoor meetings or home visits will be limited to two people and restaurants will only be allowed to pick up or carry. Working from home will also be consistent.

The Shangri-La conference attracts top leaders, ambassadors and manufacturers and is expected to take place in person from June 4. Attendees are Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense.

The organization of the event at the International Institute for Strategic Study, in preparation for the event, said it remained “committed” to host the conference. “We are urgently reviewing the strategies that have been successfully implemented based on what has been said today to benefit the participants and the general public in Singapore,” he added.

The World Economic Forum also announced that it will take place they hold their annual meeting in Singapore in August not the Davos ski resort, where health problems have eased in the Asian city.

The World Economic Forum did not respond to a request for comment.

The new rules have weakened some who have been living well for months. “It’s a great way to change without saying it’s closed,” said the city’s chief financial officer.

Recent cases of coronavirus

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