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Shine comes from a temporary dream while Netflix subscriptions are delayed

Netflix results in first quarter sent one message to the women: the plague has spread.

“We had 10 years of silk-like smoothness, and [it’s] I’m just shaking right now, ” founder Reed Hastings told experts after the company registered gradual registrations in the first three months of the year. At worst, Netflix warned that in the US, its largest market, subscribers would be “almost non-stop” in the first half of 2021.

One of these is explained by the special circumstances of the epidemic, with home viewers giving away its Netflix Best year in 2020, is publishing their lead in fierce competition from Disney, Amazon, Apple and other major companies looking for a market share.

Globally, the market for affiliate marketing continues to grow; there are more than half a billion subscribers on Amazon, Netflix and Disney alone. The proliferation of conflicting activities has made some viewers skeptical of their long-term potential.

In the strongest markets like the US, Netflix is ​​facing fierce competition for time and money, however to get out, or other streaming channels such as YouTube and free, paid ads by advertisers such as NBC’s Peacock.

According to TVision, the US average audience-based company, the amount of time it spends watching TV has grown steadily since October, declining from a peak in April. However the Netflix viewing section has collapsed. It found that the share of search activity has dropped by 5% to 23% in the last two divisions while the smaller opponents have benefited slightly. However, it remains number one.

Although the epidemic has disrupted the growth of Netflix and other search services, much of the conundrum was also reflected in the company’s annual results. Netflix officials say the weakened app, which some programs were delayed due to Covid delays, translated into fewer subscribers.

“Most of the jobs that we expected to get out of the job were already delayed due to delays,” said Ted Sarandos, a senior executive, who promised investors that the company would return to “chaos” in the second half of the year and return to hits such as. Mfiti.

Netflix now has a total of 208m paid customers, and has shifted from disruptive to those engaged in the new entertainment business described by advertising. Its price has gone up to $ 225bn.

But even at this rate, recent results suggest that Netflix should continue to spend more on subscribing subscribers, asking key questions such as switching to a better, less lucrative business that will continue to thrive when subscribing pioneers lower prices and raise prices.

“Even for Netflix, it turns out that new, innovative ones are essential for running… Subscribers,” said Michael Nathanson, a research analyst at MoffettNathanson.

“This simple view comes to the fore in our debate on publishing and whether the current statistics are consistent with the temporary changes in the business model,” he added.

Media groups flock to the tens of billions a year on TV and television as they fight for the promotion market. Netflix said it wants to spend more than $ 17bn this year, while Amazon, Disney and Warner Media, the owner of HBO Max, are making money on early-stage shows to support their past.

A chart showing that Netflix leads the way in using content

Not all money translates into popularity or success, however. Hits, whether they are expensive or cheap, are what keep the economy going. And as Hollywood knows, it’s very hard to predict.

Here the methods used by the various services are very different. HBO has one of the smallest libraries in the search war – Amazon’s booklet for movies and licenses with a maximum of 13.

However HBO does very well in producing popular shows, as measured by the number of review pages read by Ampere Analysis. The Netflix and Amazon libraries offer more on a consistent basis.

A chart showing the amount of movies and movies on TV on the platform and their analysis

“We believe that the main purpose of Netflix’s marketing is ‘something new and different every day’, as opposed to the unique ‘XYZ’,” said Todd Juenger, a researcher at Bernstein. But he added that the size of the subscriber would no doubt be able to “shake”. “The more you believe this, the more hope you have [the second half of 2021], ”He said.

Additional reports by Chris Campbell and Patrick Mathurin

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