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Seven EU countries have received a digital vaccine passport

Why it is important: For the first time, the EU could help pave the way for a global epidemic. The Bloc is in talks with the US about how to control the vaccination of American tourists during the summer. This should be of concern to financial professionals and private practitioners who are concerned that vaccine passports could be used to promote inequality. (For more information on why, see the file Full study yes story From our Pandemic Technology Project team.)

End result :: In any case, it seems unlikely at the moment vaccine passports it will be common to travel to the US. Several countries, including Alabama, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, have banned it. New York’s Excelsior Pass, the first US-issued vaccine passport, has been downloaded more than one million times, but only a handful of 9 million people have been vaccinated, and many businesses are still not using it.

Even the first pilots throw them. Israel was one of the first countries to issue a vaccine passport. Ake “Passing Green”They were designed to allow access to restaurants and sporting events for those who could confirm that they had been vaccinated. But, when the country’s successful vaccine has reduced the number of coronavirus numbers in two, Israel this week revoked the permit as it goes on to be completely open to everyone.

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