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Senate Republicans oppose Biden’s plans for $ 568bn


The Senate Republicans have made a $ 568bn plan for financial institutions to operate on Thursday, slightly lower by the $ 2tn budget demanded by US President Joe Biden, and point out a difficult way to embark on a bipartisan approach to the new economy.

The Republican donation is a huge burden on housing projects, with $ 299bn donated to roads and bridges, $ 65bn to roadblocks, $ 61bn for public transportation and $ 44bn for airports.

On the contrary, White House System requires more funding for research and development, development and rehabilitation services, while providing more funding for climate change – a priority for many Democrats.

The Republican system – led by Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia senator – does not include any of the corporate tax increases Provided by the White House, instead states that its cost should be paid for by the large amount of money spent on electronic vehicle equipment.

The Republican opinion follows a meeting that Biden held with a group of lawmakers at the White House, but it would not be enough to start a major debate on the bill.

Many Democrat and Biden leaders have already warned that if they do not think Republicans’ contributions are in line with the country’s needs, they could consider ways to donate their weapons without the support of the opposition, using their headquarters in both Congress houses.

However, for this to happen, the Democratic Party’s support must be cohesive. This is expected to be very difficult with construction bill more than the $ 1.9tn incentive offered in March.

A debate over building regulations is expected to take place between Capitol Hill in the coming months. It reflects the second request for funding that Biden pursued after sparking initial interest, and was designed to address the mismanagement of state assets that have restored wealth to the U.S. over the past few decades according to White House officials.

Biden is also expected to announce a third $ 1tn spending plan next week, which would focus on child care and education and provide funding and increase taxes for the wealthy.

When announcing their plans, Republicans urged the White House to consider.

“It simply came to our notice then. . . The strongest policy we have given as Republicans, “Capito told reporters Thursday.” And I think the American people want to see us working together. “

But Democrats on Capitol Hill had already begun to oust them. Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate finance committee, and Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania senator, say it will “change corporate sales taxes from corporate to middle class”.


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