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‘Seat Simulator’ Is A Near Game … Sitting

On weekends, I finished my first one PC computer games building, packed with RTX 3080, hard drive, and RGB more than needed. When I settled down, I didn’t force it Cyberpunk 2077‘s ray examination power to max. I have never been in a world of extreme clothing. I didn’t my Satoshi one. Instead, I put Sit Points inside Chair Simulator, A free Steam game that lives up to its name.

Chair Simulator then the most recent drop from MSCHF, pranksters who are known by memes such as Jesus’ shoes (and later Satanic shoes), Finger on App, and set up a paintball gun on Dynamics Spot Robot. The game is silly, mindless, and surprisingly fun — a kind of fun-filled, night-time adventure.

Everyone has heard of agricultural and cool experiments, but there are some unusual natural games available on Steam. Goat Simulator and Microsoft Flight Simulator are two well-known modes, but players can also emulate unfamiliar tasks, which are often the same build a PC, electric washing, and Making a winem. Chair Simulator it certainly falls into the last category.

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Not so Just stay there

Introducing a new game with the lowest characters to choose from. The names are well-known from Dillion Francis, FaZe Jarvis, Corinna Kopf, Mr. Beast, and other MSCHF colleagues. (I play like Neekolul, who always calls me happy every time I sit down.) Your goal is to stay, get Sit Points, and buy all 100 seats. That’s your only goal. The refreshing part, the other one adds, the game is so amazing in how it sounds.

You receive Sit Points (SP) by – you thought – to be. You need to pay close attention to your critical meter, however. When it gets too high, you get points slowly. Put it on for a long time and you will die. Forever. There are no rescue components. They are like low prices Loving Hearts.

After standing and sitting for more than half an hour of my earthly life, I drove Neekolul to the only place in the game: the IKEA-esque parking lot that offers labyrinthian rooms full of chairs. I passed a bag of beans (50 SP), a piano bench (200 SP), and several other chairs. Then I stumbled upon an Iron Throne, costing $ 800 SP. I knew what I had to do.

I walked back to my starting chair, and sat down, got up, and let my easy-to-adjust meter adjust, and sit down again. I climbed into a slightly more difficult chair – Orgone’s 450 SP election – and started earning money fast. Finally, I made enough money to inaugurate the Iron Throne, and in spite of all the imperfections, sitting on the throne made me feel like Daenerys. I shouted, “I Have Found an Iron Throne!”In my living room 3 AM. No one was about to enjoy me, caring. No one was about to see the madness in my eyes when I decided to finish all my useless Pokédex chairs.

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