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Science Fiction: Elyse Flayme is the ultimate flood

Molly gave me an acid form. “You know what I think of this kind of thing.”

I did; everyone did. Elyse Flayme’s best friend, Meritxell, always found ways to promote magic and delaying the destruction of Arrenia, and Elyse was always saying, We must choose what is best for us, Mer.

We play until late at night. I often listened. I realized that Molly Khan had been alone in the house for a very long time. Its negative effects began to fade. In this fate he vanished into utter darkness as he searched for various versions that he tried and rejected. He went digging in half-memorized log books. The fact is, they were all kind to me, but Molly was not satisfied.

All the while, the assurance was growing in my mind.

Molly Khan poured out a second bottle of wine, and when I asked him about Elyse Flayme — he asked what Elyse had hidden; what the avatar was able to do, in the end – came to life. He was waiting in the kitchen to drink more, but the question brought him back to the balcony: he said one thing, another, and another, all the while making him happy. I was the only witness: then, in the darkness above the sea, with nothing, came something: the end.

Shortly afterward, Molly sat down at her desk and wrote a note. I crawled into bed in her small living room. My last thought before going to bed was that I had done my job well: release the author, and secure the future of the permit. Maybe I should have been offered a job … just a little over $ 20 million.

The next morning, I found Molly in the same spot. He did not sleep. A small section of coffee cups connected to a book board on his desk. His keyboard sounded like a subway; crossed the line, not stopping at any station. He was absolutely right; neither side moved to move his fingers, which were looking where he was going. Is that how he wrote all the books?

I went into the kitchen, afraid to confuse her because breaking the magic would be expensive, and for fear that she might turn around and her eyes would be like the pits of an Osric Worldender, which has a cracked shadow and black lightning.

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