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Samsung’s profits rose in Q1, but chip losses are looking at Q2


Like many other tech companies last year, Samsung saw business thrive during the coronavirus epidemic, and its sale of Galaxy smartphones is strong, driving a 46 percent profit over the same period last year. However, like Samsung released its Q1 2021 figures (PDF) showing a net profit of 7.1 trillion (about $ 6.4 billion), the company warned investors that in the next few months, and probably the rest of the year will see significant impact due to the global chip decline.

Samsung’s commercialization of DRAM memory has remained strong. However, the company said in a statement that the crisis in Austin after a Texas hurricane and power outage in February helped to reduce the production capacity of the device. However, the demand for electronic devices of any kind, especially the strong sales of Way S21 layout, it drove more profits on electronics than ever before.

As of the next quarter, Samsung expects to see phone sales go down “while mobile phone sales are down and some things are in trouble.” Currently the business of the display teams is focusing on OLEDs on devices such as smartphones, flexible gadgets, tablets and laptops.

When it came to major TV shows, Samsung did not respond rumors of an OLED and LG merger next year, he simply states that the company “will perform all its functions in preparation for the production of multiple QD models, meanwhile, as the Olympics approach and they want to reduce it while countries protect their pets with vaccines, Samsung will focus on the sale of the current line of Neo QLED and Micro LED displays.

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