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Samsung laughs at the next generation of innovative displays


Samsung used its own first move Advantages in correspondence to establish a leading team. Last winter, that has confirmed its commitment to curved weapons promising a new startup that would make the app more accessible. Today, we take a look at the upcoming digital gadgets, including major displays of smartphones and tablets. It highlighted what happened at the Display Week 2021 event, according to SamMobile.

Among them was a double-edged OLED panel (pictured above) that could be used as a mobile phone. When opened, the screen has a length of 7.2 inches, which places it between the main displays on Galaxy Z Flip (6.7-inches) and Galaxy Fold 2 (7.6 cm).

Samsung Show

To set the ears, Samsung also introduced a Slidable OLED display that reaches horizontally. As a new manifestation in the air, we have already seen similar devices with visuals and screens that are mocked TCL and LG (before he abandoned his mobile business).

Demonstrating that we will soon be able to get a Galaxy tablet being polished, Samsung unveiled a 17-inch screen for the event. With a 4: 3 display in comparison, the display is larger than the 13.3-inch display on Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold foldable PC.

Samsung Show

Samsung Show

Finally, Samsung also provided illumination for its high-resolution side-mounted (UPC) images within the documentation, which would allow for side-by-side comparisons. Company already insulted China’s digital technology, I promise UPCs will lead thin and lightweight laptops with small bezels. Once again, at the bottom of the window tech already exists in the wild ZX for Axon 20 5G phone and should come to Xiaomi devices this year. And all the other industries that make records, including (if you believe old rumors) apple, Samsung is not showing anything less.

Samsung Show

Samsung Show

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