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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra receives T-Mobile eSIM support in the US

You can use the For example and Samsung Way Note 20 Wide if you are registering for T-Mobile. The carrier is he muttered a version of the type that adds eSIM support to the phone, allowing you to use your unwanted mobile number. It can be useful if you have two lines, or if you are traveling and need a global SIM card slot. Although the technology has been around for a while, it has not been used as the most recent SIM in the US, as only a handful of phones support it.

According to XDA makers, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s first phone in North America to offer eSIM capabilities due to this change. In the US, the only alternative that allows you to integrate SIM cards with iPhones is with Google Pixel phones. There are many other models, such as the Galaxy S21, that can use digital SIMs, but the operators have to wait before registering to use them.

T-Mobile first lighting IPhone eSIM support in 2018 and has supported the Pixel device interface since then. If you have not set up your eSIM number, check T – Mobile Support Page instructions to follow. Copy the picture posted on Reddit, these changes also increase the capabilities of the Dual SIM Dual Standby device. This means that you can use two physical SIMs, although one may not be active while the other is in use.

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