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Safari applications can extract browser history and Google account information

Apple users appear to be at risk of a browser-related problem. According to to 9 to 5mc, FingerprintJS has revealed an application that allows attackers to access your most recent history, as well as Google account information, from Safari 15 on all supported third-party platforms and browsers on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. “from there” that prohibits local content and documents (such as domains or protocols) from interacting with other content, allowing websites with the appropriate code to access Google information from your users’ login and history from open source. tabs and windows.

The error only confuses the names of the barns instead of the individual ones. However, this would be enough to get the malicious website owners to grab your Google username, get a picture of your profile and learn more about you. This profile can also be used to combine history with your favorite pages. Secret browsing will not defeat what is happening, FingerprintJS said.

We asked Apple to answer. FingerprintJS said it reported the matter on November 28, however, and that Apple had not yet spoken to security patrols that respect the same basic principles. Until then, the only solution might be to use a third party browser on Macs or disable JavaScript, which would not be an option.

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