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Russia has banned the website of the OVD-Info Exhibition Team | Censorship News

Communication authorities have taken action against OV-Info ‘external helpers’ while the Kremlin has been cracking down on protesters.

Russia’s media watchdog has blocked the website of OVD-Info’s well-known inspectors following a court ruling, according to the group, as Moscow continues to crack down on rivals.

OVD-Info – which, for many years, has written anti-Kremlin protests and provided legal aid to victims of political violence – said on Saturday. Roskomnadzor The media regulator moved to ban people from accessing its page earlier this week.

“So far, we have not received any notification and we do not know the reason for the closure,” the group wrote.

The move came after a ruling banning the page by a Moscow regional court on December 20, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported.

The site currently displays the message that access to it is prohibited on the basis of federal law on information, information technology and data security.

In September this year, Russia announced the OVD-Info, which was launched in the first protest against the rule of President Vladimir Putin in December 2011. “foreign allies” in the sense that opponents say they were made to prevent discord.

Based on the misconceptions of Stalin’s time, organizations or individuals who are known as “external agents” should accompany all of their writing, videos and TV shows and self-defense.

Clampdown on independent media, political opposition

Moscow has recently called several places “foreign aid”, a legal term that the government calls foreign-funded foreign investment agencies.

The reference has been used primarily against journalists, with a list of people and media outlets from the Ministry of Justice from the 17th of the year to 103 from Saturday.

Opponents point to the choice of Putin’s most prominent domestic foe, Alexey Navalny, to return to Russia in January as a trigger for the unrest, which has seen Russian dissidents dissolved and several media outlets and NGOs banned.

A 45-year-old boy was in Germany recovering from the assassination of Putin – which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.

Navalny was jailed shortly after his return to his hometown on the same charges of corruption and saw his organizations banned as “extremists” and all allies fleeing Russia.

Asked about Thursday’s breach, Putin said his goal was to eliminate foreign influences.

“I remind you of what our enemies have been saying for years: Russia cannot be defeated, it can be destroyed from within,” he told reporters at his annual marathon.

Putin added that their disagreement was what led to the collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago this month.

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