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Rumble Sends Viewers To Fall For The Wrong

“I really don’t waiting for the end to come, ”says Sarah. There is no going back. ”Sarah’s mother is a QAnon believer who first encountered the plot on YouTube. Now that YouTube has taken steps to correct the lies and conspiracy theories, a new page, Rumble, is set to take its place. Sarah hears that the tower has taken her mother from her.

Rumble is “the worst thing on YouTube that has been promoted, like 100%,” says Sarah. (Her name has been changed to protect her name.) Earlier this year, her mother asked for help finding a Rumble as her favorite lovers (from Donald Trump Jr. to “Patriot Streetfighter”) streamed to YouTube on the site. Sarah soon became one of the 150,000 members of the QAnon Casualties support group when her mother fell under a deadly rabbit conspiracy.

Between September 2020 and January 2021, visiting the pages per month until the Rumble rose from 5 million to 135 million; as of April, it had just grown to over 81 million. Sarah’s mother is one of the new Rumble users, and, according to Sarah, is now refusing to accept the Covid-19 vaccine. Explaining her decision, says Sarah, her mother cites the anti-vax claims that are found in many movies on Rumble.

Rumble claims that it does not promote false ideas or schemes but only gives them the freedom to express themselves. However, our research reveals that Rumble not only allowed false information to grow well on its platform, but also promoted it.

If you search for the “vaccine” on Rumble, you have a chance to receive three videos that contain coronavirus lies more than accurate information. One user video TommyBX hosted by Carrie Madej – a popular voice in the anti-vax world – says, “This is not just a vaccine; we are now connected with smart people.” Some say the vaccine is deadly and has not been properly tested.

Even if you look at the inconsistent terms, “law,” according to our research you have a chance to admit the lies of Covid-19 and not the other – about half of what is said is misleading. If you are looking for a “choice” you are more likely to be encouraged to know the lies than the real thing.

Courtesy of Ellie House, Isabelle Stanley and Alice Wright; Produced by Datawrapper

Most of these findings were collected five days later in February 2021. Applying the amendment to a code first produced by Guillaume Chaslot (a former Google employee who worked on YouTube), compiled a series of videos that Rumble promotes non-political slang: “democracy,” “election,” “law,” “coronavirus,” and “vaccine.” The rules are run five times per word, on different days at different times, so the reviews also reflect how Rumble supports them.

More than 6,000 tips were analyzed manually. There may be inconsistencies in what can be considered as false, which is why this research error was made with caution. For example, if a manufacturer said “I don’t get the vaccine because I think then he can be a guide in it, ”the film was not distributed as a false story. As if the video says “then and the next device in vaccination, ”he said. What we think is care.

Of the five search terms used, Rumble often promotes videos with incorrect information about “vaccination,” “election”, and “law.” Even in the other two terms “democracy” and “coronavirus,” the chances of Rumble showing misleading movies remain high.

This was followed by almost a year into the epidemic, after more than 3 million people were killed around the world making it increasingly difficult for the disease to spread. It is possible that the search for “coronavirus” on Rumble would have brought more information to the early stages of the epidemic.

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