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Roku and YouTube Fight for Your Favorites on TV

Smart TV Companies and streaming the platforms follow the way we see them, twisting them into gold for traders and politicians who want us to be able to buy, buy, or vote in some way. The market was published in the year of alcoholism. Now, in a wonderful, wonderful team between two players, YouTube and Year, provides an intriguing picture of the billion-dollar market built on what we see.

In early May, Roku sends a YouTube parent Google An “Self-controlled,” after a joint venture between the two. The deal to integrate the YouTube TV program on Roku devices was coming to an end. The two companies discussed redevelopment plans, but Roku said Google had created several contests.

Mu email for users, Roku said Google had asked to change customer search results instead of YouTube videos, for Google to request access to user privacy, and wanted Roku to use more expensive features on its devices, which could increase the price.

Google protested in the lawsuit “Vanity of lies.” After Roku removed YouTube TV from its devices, Google launched a project to create YouTube TV through its major YouTube app. YouTube TV offers TV shows and sports events, promoting itself as another interesting way for those who want to cut the cord on the custom box.

The debate revealed what is most important about connected TV: what they write and the money they advertise. In 2020, TV-connected commercials more than $ 9 billion, according to eMarketer.

At least three parts US families have an online TV, either a smart TV or a connected device like a Roku or Amazon Fire. This means that millions of people in the US have agreed on another method to follow online viewing methods. These are very important that whole smart TV program it revolves around its collection.

Roku ali 50 million users and that 79% of cases involved the epidemic, are strongly encouraged by advertising. In the meantime, twice multiple users watch YouTube on TV (either natively “smart” or with a plug-in like Roku or Amazon Fire) than on a computer.

Asked to comment, both YouTube and Roku sent WIRED to them already published sentences in this case.

It is a well-known fact that YouTube keeps tabs on what users logged in to view, collect data and use it to promote ideas and advertising. This is not the case with the hardware manufacturers “Make money after the purchase, ”Many of the ways companies make money from what you see. Roku keeps tabs what you look for, just as you do TV producers such as Vizio, LG, and Samsung.

Like most TV companies, most users mean a lot, they mean a lot of advertising money. Smart TVs and connecting devices use A method called ACR (self-awareness) to see everything you look for. From there, it sheds light on some things about you.

Does the user check Nickelodeon more often? She may have children. Do they watch the local news in the morning, but do not see anything during the day? They are probably the ones who get up early and still go to work. All of this is useful for advertisers, who want to put their message before the right person at the right time.

Roku’s recent actions suggest he wants to continue to promote himself. In 2019, that found DataXu, analytics company stable in connection the user on all the tools they use for advertising. Since then, Roku has been he also changed the company and he began to shine its potential better targeting ads for the audience (single men who love hockey, young parents who help the environment, and more) when they leave the TV on their tablet and so on.

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