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Rocket Lab’s 20th Electron mission ends with a second failure


Rocket Lab has become second causing failure a year later The program of the company said his career 20 Electron (“Losing Fingers”) suffered a “strange” after the second phase, the loss of the car and the payment for the BlackSky Earth satellite. Employees are still investigating why, even the notes (below) suggest that the second phase may close as part of a failure response.

The first phase ran in the ocean as expected, and Rocket Lab hopes to restart the car. The second phase continued to move in the direction predicted by the plane and did not put anyone at risk.

CEO Peter Beck apologized to BlackSky and promised that Rocket Lab would explain why. The team is planning to “get back on good pad” soon, he said. As usual, the Rocket lab has a number of vehicles in production and will not experience any temporary delays. It took several weeks for the Rocket Lab to arrive keep running after its failure of July 2020.

Rocket Lab has been doing well so far, with 17 of its missions circling around. The latest magazine has not helped the company for a while, however, and I remind you that the startups of the aircraft are visible encountering difficulties initially no matter how talented – SpaceX took years remove the error in his reusable rocket, and there were several months of release before Starship fell into one piece days ago. It may take some repairs to Rocket Lab before it can resolve its problems in the past.

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