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Rishi Sunak plans to cut thousands of government jobs

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is planning to cut government jobs in the UK, with tens of thousands of jobs expected to be lost at Whitehall over the next three years.

Sunak is working with the cabinet office to oversee the cuts as one way to secure the 5 per cent daily budget of Whitehall departments by 2024-2025.

Labor unions warn that the cut could disrupt the government’s decision to relocate thousands of government workers from Whitehall to countries and territories in the UK, as part of Boris Johnson’s efforts to “elevate” the left territories.

Sunak indicated in October in its review of spending, which has set the budget for the Whitehall department for the next three years, that it wants the growth of government agencies to return to the epidemic within a decade.

The number of civil servants in the UK reached 505,000 in September, compared to 456,000 in March 2020, before the coronavirus epidemic occurred, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics this month.

Sunak’s goal could mean that 49,000 jobs will be cut in the next three years, but this reduction should be minimal as it should be “non-executive”, meaning that about half of adults will not be affected. .

About 48 percent of government employees work in advance of “service providers” such as paying state aid and government pensions, issuing driving licenses and working prison sentences.

However, there are still cuts that Sunak oversees for about 25,000 jobs, according to Rhys Clyne, a researcher at the Institute for Government, think tank.

He noted that the government had not yet made a definite statement on the merits of the proposal, but said that the responsibilities of the legislature could be high risk as the responsibilities increased significantly during the epidemic and following the 2016 EU referendum.

“The biggest growth since 2016 has been legal experts,” added Clyne. “This is understandable: there was a lot of work that came with the need to prepare for Brexit and what happened after Brexit, then the epidemic brought with it serious problems that needed to be addressed.”

Employees have tried to avoid forced dismissal for failing to perform public duties while officers are retiring to retire or retire, according to the people briefed on the plans.

The Treasury is expected to roll out the program early next year, he added.

A Treasury spokesman said the government had increased all Whitehall department funding for the audit.

“We expect the departments to recoup the number of non-commissioned people by 2019-2020 without major job losses,” he added. “This will help pay for future responsibilities and provide better services to the British people.”

The FDA agreement, which represents experts and regulators of public works, said the reduction in planned activities could jeopardize the government’s plan for 22,000 vacancies to be removed from London and relocated by 2030.

“At a time when the government has to deal with the long-term consequences of Covid-19, uncertain consequences from Brexit and greater commitment to promotion, reducing thousands of jobs in public service will mean that something has to offer,” said Dave Penman, FDA secretary general.

“As the old saying goes, governance is a choice and every major government must agree with what has been given to the economy.”

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