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Riot will record verbal chats in ‘Valorant’ to deal with harassment


He plans to do more to deal with the toxicity in . The company is updating its privacy policy to allow for the recording of game negotiations. Riot says it only listens to and records the recordings of the report – the company does not monitor the wording of the game. The move is in line with Riot’s goal in making its game “safer and more inclusive.”

The voice tree review system is growing, but Riot wants to give the community a head start. The publisher plans to test beta in North America before promoting it in other areas and languages. It will share more of this move before recording the audio, along with the message in the game client.

The only way to keep your voice from coming in is to turn it off. The change in the rule does not make a big difference to players who only use third-party software as Disagreement. Those people can be in rooms with people they know, and they can’t be less than lighting up friends and teammates (seriously, at least).

Riot is just planning to record a verbal interview Appreciation in the meantime, though, this change also applies to all of its games, including , or . On the issue of data confidentiality, “we believe we need to gather the basics so that we can better manage our games and continue to enhance your experience,” Riot wrote. . “When we collect data, we will be transparent, we will keep it as long as necessary, and we will protect it as if it were our own.”

The habit is widespread in online games and developers often do not communicate enough in the gaming industry, where more violence occurs. Re-evaluating voice rates and taking action against trolls is an important part of making the game a more cohesive, secure environment.

In addition to the transformation of voice recording, Riot has also released in all his games. It describes what is to be returned, the process of requesting a refund and the refund rules that are linked to a third party market. For example, sports money, leather and accessories are eligible for refund, while chests, bundles and gifts are not.

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