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Rio de Janeiro is developing the first digital map of one of Brazil’s largest favelas

These experiments can also be used to create site logs, which can be run and traded on the blockchain to avoid offices and reduce the cost of transferring responsibilities. We acknowledge that the creation of such machines from 3D images can raise concerns about data privacy. If we can deal with them, however, favela citizens can buy and sell land more easily than any other form of registration.

A better understanding of how favelas live can also help you live a healthier life. Town makers can use this to choose where to climb the stairs, or what items to remove to allow air, sun, or light.

It is worth remembering that many cities were born by chance.

Obviously, the long-term solution to the problems faced by favela citizens is to address the problems that cause these cities to be built for the first time. Each type has its challenges. Brazil needs to reduce inequality, Western Europe needs to rethink immigrants, and countries everywhere need to plan for climate change.

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