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‘Revenge’ is Why the Game Wants Old Bad Women in Middle Bad


I bought it Revenge, a video game from developer Housemarque, knowing nothing about it. This is not entirely true. I knew from write that it had something to do with escaping the connection time and there was a foregleam of the future with the monsters or something. Nothing is needed, because I don’t buy from the game, I buy it because of its protagonist, Selene. Selene is a casual video game player in many ways: immature, capable, intelligent, face-to-face seemingly insurmountable difficulties. It’s rare for a player to be a woman, but that’s not what makes Selene special. It’s because he’s middle-aged. I finally see myself in video games.

I will turn 50 this year, and that is not what I expected at all. I know I’m not young anymore, but I don’t feel old. Age at birth, it is present, sounds exactly the way it is — a time of life that is smarter than ever, and above all, smarter enough to know everything. I can’t walk as fast as I can in college, and I have facial expressions, but all in all I’m doing well physically. If I could be more courageous, I think this is the best kind of person I have so far. Unfortunately no one is visible.

People don’t like to give me much because I miss one thing that would make me special to them: children. Whether that means it or not, once a second person realizes that I am childless, he or she may return a little. Not because of disgust, but because of confusion. What does he say to a 50-year-old woman if not her children? What do older women… do?

That’s the idea that counts among moviegoers. The women in the game are often young and sexy or old and smart — unless they are ugly, then, they are immoral and ugly. They are friends or party members or none at all, but they are not so many stars. It’s not as bad as it used to be; the video production industry has come a long way in revealing the big picture Metroid it was so, deny it, the hero was a woman all the time! Yes, we love Samus now, but don’t forget, it has to be very twisted in how you play as a female. There are far longer opportunities to play as a woman than ever before, especially when you are playing a game that you can make yourself, but they are always young.

Which, let’s be honest, makes us feel good. A younger body can do more than the old one, and if you are exercising, switching to a 20- or 30-year-old is the right choice. I have nothing against young people. Instead, I think the resumption of 2013 for Tomb Raider that’s fine because Lara Croft is so young. He had just arrived at the university and had not experienced any real hardships, which is why when he was broken, injured, and alone, he had to be fascinated by things he did not know he had. This is a very powerful experience, and almost all of us go through it in our lives.

Imagine, then, how Lara would have felt as a person 30 years after that first visit. What did his decades of education teach him? What friends did they make – and which enemies? How often has he been deceived by death and how this has affected his approach to danger? We may not know it, because the game publishers seem to believe in Lara’s entertainment when they can make it Forbes‘list of 30 Under 30.


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