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Residents of Slum in India receive special addresses through Google

Despite the services available to those who have addresses, it took some time to convince citizens to register. Many had never heard of Google Maps and were suspicious of Joshi’s staff, mistreating them as supervisors from India Dwelling Rehabilitation Authority. As a result, nonprofits enrolled local students to go from house to house and explain the program to the public.

More than a thousand homes, sewer rooms, public toilets, facilities, and drinking water tanks now have integrated codes. And each house in the app has a blue letter board with its extension number for all to see.

“It saves me a lot of time,” says Suresh Devram Dharmavat, who used to close day shops that go to most markets. Today, she receives a lot of things she needs to use her extra number.

So far, the Joshi organization has helped 9,000 families in Pune, Thane, and Kolhapur find digital addresses, and is seeking to cover 58 more dormitories.

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