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Researchers also create microscopes to capture 3D images of cells in real time


There are limits to what you can learn about a cell from 2D images, but I do 3D graphics it is a time-consuming process. Now, scientists from UT West stay developed a new “simple and inexpensive” device capable of capturing multiple images that can be retrieved on existing lab microscopes. The team’s response – which includes placing rotary mirrors in front of a microscope camera – is 100 times faster than converting images from 2D to 3D.

Currently, this method involves collecting a large number of images that can be sent as a graphics program in a photo program, which creates readings to provide multiple viewing options. Even with a powerful computer, these two methods can be time consuming. But, using their visual tool, the team has found that it can go that way together.

In addition, they claim that their method is very fast because it only needs to be seen once instead of the hundreds of cameras used on all 3D images. They found this method by removing images taken with two standard microscopes. Examining their visual approach, they realized that after using the wrong de-skew method the image seemed to be rotating.

“This was this! Minute,” said Reto Fiolka, an assistant professor at Lyda Hill department of Bioinformatics at UT Southwestern. “We realized that this could be much larger than the de-skewing detection method; that the machine could also operate microscopes of some kind.”

Using their modified microscope, the team recorded calcium ions that carry signals between nerve cells in a traditional plate and monitored the motion system of the fetal zebrafish. They also actively monitor the flow of cancer cells and the heart of zebrafish. He also used a machine to make additional microscopes, combine light paper and rotate microscopy of the test disk.

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